With the rapid spread of globalization around the world comes the emergence of new international airlines making a name for themselves. Asian and Middle Eastern Airlines, in particular, have taken the luxury travel market by storm. Showing their Western counterparts what the definition of luxury truly is. Luxury means different things to different people. For example, let us consider die-hard casino card game players – some players like to play their game in a land-based casino and only on premium tables. That’s luxury for them. Other players like privacy. They like to play their game from the comfort of home. If you are one of those players who prefer playing casino from your home instead of travelling to a casino, that is your definition of luxury. However, in the case of travelling, when travelers are treated with utmost care, and respect, they agree that that is luxury. The premium cabins and other luxury amenities that these airlines are offering are the best in the business. The first class and business class options that are available today were unimaginable a couple of years ago, but with the modern advancements of the airline industry, it is clear that the sky’s the limit for luxury travelers.

World Class First-Class Amenities

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to luxury travel. There are a couple of airlines that exude class and are a notch above the rest when it comes to their first-class amenities. Ethiad Airlines and Singapore Airlines have developed their first-class experience to make it seem like you aren’t even flying. Some passengers might never want to get off the plane when they are treated to such luxury and special treatment.

What’s a first-class Etihad experience like? Ethiad Airlines flies the Airbus 380 which is then made to satisfy all of your needs in the sky. They have revolutionised luxury travel with the First Apartment. The First Apartment is much more than just a seat. It also includes a leather armchair and a 6-foot 10-inch bed! There is even room to walk around when you close your privacy doors and a shower to help you re-energize in the air.

What’s a first-class Singapore experience like? Singapore Airlines has been a standout performer in the Airline Industry. They are renowned for their customer service and in-flight entertainment. They also have in-flight suites available on their Airbus 380-800. These suites can include things like a double bed covered in rose petals and chocolates, champagne and all of your sleeping essentials. If that isn’t enough, you will also be given a Ferragamo amenity kit full of toiletries, pyjamas, and slippers.

Tantalizing First-Class Food

You are sure to get hungry on any of the long haul flights that you fly on. Ethiad Airlines has equipped their first class with fully qualified internationally trained chefs to prepare you an individual dining experience. They get their inspiration from the finest restaurants in the world and only use the freshest ingredients in their meals. You could choose any variety of things from their extensive a la carte menu or eat a delicious steak from the Grill Menu.

You are sure to be welcomed with a glass of champagne as soon as you get on your Singapore Airlines flight. Your onboard restaurant service will be provided on elegant bone china. The airline uses an International Culinary Panel from cities around the world to help develop their in-flight menu. Premium passengers can choose their meal 24 hours before their flight on a ‘book the cook’ menu, which includes local and international delicacies. They even have air sommeliers to help you choose the right wine to accompany your meal.

Never Ending In-Flight Entertainment

The old days of waiting for a long haul flight are over. The entertainment systems that Etihad has on board its planes will make sure you are entertained from taking off to touchdown. You can enjoy hundreds of hours of on-demand entertainment with noise-cancelling headsets. You will be able to keep in touch with your friends and family with a range of connection ports and mobile WI-FI connectivity on board. Not to mention your First Apartment will include a 24-inch flat screen TV for your viewing pleasure.

When you can’t eat or drink anymore, you can enjoy the KrisWorld in-flight entertainment, with a selection of 1,000 movies, TV shows, games, apps, and music via a video touchscreen handset, 24-inch HD-personal LCD screen, and Bose noise-cancelling headphones. If you want to make the most of your flight, you can now download Singapore Airlines new companion app which allows you to pre-select your entertainment choices before the flight and when you get on the plane, the WI-FI will make sure to launch your options on your screen.

Unlimited Potential Of Luxury Travel

Whether you are flying to a future vacation spot or for business, it is clear that flying has become extremely more comfortable on these long-haul airlines. They have exhausted every last resource to make sure your meals, entertainment, and amenities have been satisfied and then some. It is remarkable to see how far the airline industry has come and where it will take us in the future. It’s up to Elon Musk to make something that can outdo the modern aeroplane.

We are incredibly lucky to live in an age of luxury and luxury travel. The competition in this industry is sure to continue to push the limits of luxury airline travel to the max. It is guaranteed to make the Western Airlines take notice of how remarkable the Asian and Middle Eastern airlines are doing. Hopefully, they can take note of the industry-wide standard and advance their rank in the world. Until then, what are you waiting for? Book your ticket to experience luxury travel on board one of these elegant airlines.


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