Are you a student out on your own for the first time? There are loads of things you need to take care of – your college formalities and your housing bit, the foremost of those responsibilities. Selecting a lodge could be a very confusing task. 


There are thousands of accommodation options in every megacity, and each one promises the best services. So, which one would you choose? If you are stuck in the same scenario, then you should go through the following points before going for checking an inn.


  1. Fast Wi-Fi


Checking the internet facilities would be the last thing that could worry you on the hasty day of finalising your place. However, good speedy Wi-Fi should be one of the top items on your check-list. Why? It is because the internet has become an integral part of a college student’s life. 


The internet is one of the most important things in this continuously growing and globalising world for studies and growth. 


  1. Location


The location of your lodge should always be considered as one of the key factors before you finalise. If the location of your inn is far from your school or college, then it is no good. If you still choose it, then you would be wasting a lot of time and energy in traveling that much distance every day. 


  1. Personal bathroom with cleaning service


Living in a lodge with a common bathroom could be very discomforting. Moreover, the morning queue in front of the bathroom could waste a lot of your precious time. Therefore, if this is your first time out, then you should choose a lodge which offers a personal bathroom. 


You should check whether your lodging provides frequent cleaning services. You can even converse about these services with your landlord before making a deposit. 


If the services resonate with your habits, then you can choose to live there; otherwise, you can ask them to make modifications. If they agree, then you could finalise it; however, if not, then you should not compromise with bad services.


Now, you might be thinking that checking the services of each lodging could end up doing more harm than good as it is a time and energy taking process. However, you can do it at your home too. Numerous websites offer you information about student accommodation, such as Iglu, you can visit these websites to find more details about whatever housing facility suits your taste.


  1. Sleeping facilities


Before fixing on a hostel or PG, you should check their beds. They might not be as pleasant as the ones at your home; however, you can always ask for better options. For example, some people might wish to sleep on a single bed, while others might need a lot of space for sleeping. If you’re one of the latter types, then you may need a double bed.


  1. Security check


This is an important feature of lodging, and students who are far from their countries need to make this one of their primary criteria. If you are going to live in a new place, then the place needs to possess sound security. There are some student-accommodations, which assure upgraded safety features, such as security screens, CCTV cameras, external lighting, and similar equipment to help make the students and residents feel at ease and calm. 


  1. Own kitchen


If you have moved to another city for studying, then there are chances that due to the timings of your school or college, you might miss your meals. In that scenario, you need to have a personal kitchen so that you can suffice your tummy with an exotic supper at 3 a.m., or with a delicious lunch in the evening.


Having your kitchen is a bliss. You could even experiment with your cooking skills. 


Happy house hunt!



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