My Top Five is a new Destination Luxury column, where key individuals who appreciate all things luxury will discuss some of the objects, places and moments that are important to them. Whether it’s a favorite restaurant, location, or perhaps, a just a wonderful experience, they’ve agreed to give Destination Luxury an insider’s point of view into the things they love. Los Angeles/London based writer/director/poet/socialite Amanda Eliasch has certainly had a variegated career thus far.

Amanda Eliasch

She trained as an actress at one point, and has subsequently worked as a photographer, writer, director, fashion editor and all around social maven. Formerly married to Johan Eliasch, CEO and Chairman of the sports firm, Head, Ms. Eliasch has literally – seen it all. Most recently, she jumped into the realm of film making, with her critically acclaimed film The Gun, the Cake & the Butterflyan experimental docudrama portrait of Ms. Eliasch’s life.  Without further ado, here are her TOP FIVE:

1. I loved having my Mini Cooper painted by Inkie, the graffitt artist, because it made my car in London unique.


2. I adore having lunch at Chiltern Firehouse, because not only is their food exceptional,  the doormen are like Rottweilers, who only let you in if they think you are glamorous enough.

3. I love staying at Hotel Cipriani in Venice, Italy for the film festival. Delicious food, good company, and steeped in history…all at an amazing time of year to be in Venice.

4. I love visiting John Barrett’s hair salon in New York whilst staying at The Nomad Hotel. Extra spectacular is the fact that Barrett’s salon is in the best department store in the world, Bergdorf Goodman. Although being English, I adore Selfridges as it has everything there, too.

5. I bought this piece by artist Marc Quinn at an auction in aid of The Elephant Family to save their trails so that the elephant does not interbreed. The late Marc Shand set up the charity, so people would invest in art and thus, save animals in the process. It is my favorite piece – it is absurd and funny to see a white elephant in my drawing room. Marc Quinn is one of my most favorite British artists, (but all told) I have probably 200 pieces of contemporary art which I started collecting because of my friendship with Charles and Kay Saatchi.

For more on Amanda Eliasch, go to her website here.
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