Founded 71 years ago, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS for short), is one of the main airlines of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. SAS carries more than 29 million passengers annually and has approximately 800 flights daily.  They provide their passengers the opportunity to fly to Scandinavia from 7 US cities that include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, DC, Boston, and Newark. 

With their focus on the northern hemisphere, they provide plenty of innovation in their aircrafts to give passengers their own iPad as well as adding each customer to their data system for a more personal flight experience. They even go above and beyond by informing passengers if their bags are late and delivering them to their hotel.


SAS prides themselves on luxury for all passengers. With this in mind, they have created an extraordinary business class experience that includes great tasting and healthy food as well as hassle-free treatment. The company has also created a frequent flyer expansion called SAS Dreams which is an invite-only personal service. This expansion provides guests experiences that are similar to vacation packages. For example, SAS loyal customers could get a meet and greet with NY Rangers in while they’re in NYC.

SAS has made key partnerships with companies with their customers first in mind. They have ensured that they have health-focused, but locally produced food on board to ensure that their food served is always fresh. A partnership with Danish brewery Mikkeller provides passengers with fresh beer and they also offer a gin and whiskey program to help Nordic flyers feel right at home. SAS has joined with Uber to allow passengers to log into their SAS mobile app to order rideshares.


SAS offers passengers fantastic campaigns for their passengers like Kids Fly Free, a promotion that allows children under the age of 11 years old to fly with an adult for the cost of the taxes and fees associated with that ticket – this usually come out to around $50 or less each way. In addition to this, they also have a Stopover Program that provides a free stopover between the U.S. and Europe (via Scandinavia).

With safety, punctuality, and care in mind, SAS’ vision is to make life easier for Scandinavia’s frequent flyers. They’ve become a pioneer in the industry with the first transatlantic green flight from the U.S. and Stockholm and plan to continue to be part of a long-term sustainable society — by 2050 they plan to fly with no fossil fuel CO2 emissions. 


SAS invests in their customers and the environment by creating an experience that is easy, joyful and reliable for all.


For more information, visit the SAS website.

All images courtesy of SAS.


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