Oslo, Norway is a world-class city in every sense of the term. This quick tour of Oslo restaurants will show that the cuisine is no exception.

Although it’s not as well-known as the food from other European countries, Nordic cuisine is just as diverse, tasty, and impressive as anything you’ll find on the continent. Not all of the spots on our listserve Scandinavian food, but they do help round out a truly unique food culture.


Japanese Delicacies at HanamiOslo

Located near the Thief Hotel in the Tjuvholmen, Hamani offers an East Asian change of pace to your dining itinerary. Specializing in the Robata Grill charcoal cooking style, Hamani serves authentic Japanese food and freshly caught sushi. The well-stocked bar offers spiced Japanese drinks in a relaxed setting and the desserts are all homemade.


Lunch at Ett Bord and Mathallen Oslo

With an emphasis on sustainability, community, and healthy eating, Ett Bord offers a uniquely Nordic dining experience. Sociability is encouraged here, as guests sit at a large 24-person table that brings an intimate feel to a truly sophisticated dining experience. The menu changes daily, with chefs preparing seasonal meals that use only the best local ingredients. Ett Bord is a restaurant where you’ll never have the same meal twice.

Another wonderful lunch experience can be had in the many cafes and specialty shops of Mathallen Oslo. Modeled after the finest European food courts, Mathallen Oslo offers an assemblage of eateries that are sure to satisfy even the most sophisticated of palates. Taken together, the shops of Mathallen Oslo are a celebration of food, drink, and everyday life.


Indian Fare at Der Peppern Gror and Smalhans

Another foreign entry in the Oslo culinary scene, Der Peppern Gror serves an incredible variety of Indian food that’s prepared in a one-of-a-kind open kitchen. This means that your curiosity will be just as satisfied as your taste buds, as the world-class chefs are eager to answer any questions you have about Indian cuisine.

Smalhans offers a very different type of dining experience. The social aspect of eating is emphasized at Smalhans, as each course is served on a single plate that the whole table can share. The variable menu depends on which fresh materials the chefs have on hand, but you can expect a delectable small plate experience no matter what’s available.


Craft Cocktails at the Himkok


Image Courtesy of TwoFoodiesEating

Half Prohibition-era speakeasy, half chemistry lab, The Himkok in downtown Oslo is not so much a bar as an experience. With their al fresco dining, in-house distillery, and cider bar, the Himkok mad scientists concoct seasonal craft cocktails you just can’t find anywhere else. The spirits are distilled on-site and use only the best Norweigan ingredients. It’s with good reason that the Himkok was voted one the Top 20 bars in the World in 2017.


As you can plainly see, the variety of delicious foods available in Oslo is practically endless. Nordic cuisine is so rich and varied that it could take a lifetime to sample even half of it, but the spots we mention above will certainly get you off to a delectable start.


All images courtesy Aniesia Williams unless otherwise noted. 

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