Bowlus Road Chief, the world’s most technologically advanced luxury RV, introduces the Limited Edition On The Road 26’. Like its 24’ counterpart, the Limited Edition 26’ features signature heated floors, that iconic aerodynamic build and the only battery in the RV industry that lets owners spend up to a week off grid—with fully operational electronics, AC and heating.

“The On The Road 26’ Limited Edition is complete with yours & mine closets, heated floors, cellular routers and boosters, and an en suite hotel-style bathroom featuring an expansive shower with Italian fixtures and endless hot water,” says Co-Founder & CEO Geneva Long, “and it is every bit as splendid as its namesake. We’ve specially badged this Limited Edition to celebrate another special moment in our 85 years of history.”

In October, the On The Road 26’ debuted in the Heart of the Canyons color palette, which drew inspiration from the slot canyons of the Southwest. Now, it is also available in a limited run in Spirit of the Dunes—a palette that borrows its striking color from the White Sands National Monument, the largest gypsum dune field in the world. Gypsum granules are actually transparent, but when they touch each other they reflect the light of the sun.

The luxury interior is enhanced with shagreen-inspired fabric, an exotic rawhide with the pebble-like texture of shark or stingray skin. Historically, this fabric was favored by French aristocrats and then by 1920s and ‘30s designers. It’s an elegant complement to the Bowlus Road Chief (which has its roots in the 1930s Streamline Moderne movement), and it pairs perfectly with the luxury interior of authentic materials like aluminum, stainless steel and birch.

“The shagreen fabric used in Heart of the Canyons and Spirit of the Dunes harkens back to our authentic heritage,” says Long. “Designing a new Bowlus Road Chief interior is a monumental task but also an exciting opportunity. With the introduction of the 26’ earlier this year, we are thrilled to offer a complete line of models.”

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