Whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid, you need Indian Jewellery in your jewelry box to enhance your bridal look. Whether you buy Indian jewelry from a shop or plan to order Indian jewelry online, remember you can’t miss out on the all-important component that can elevate your beauty to exalted heights. Indian jewelry has an unmissable charm that never pales in the shadow of the modern minimalistic designs. After all, it is representative of the intricate craftsmanship and the rich culture of our nation, India. It is not only about the beauty aspect of the jewelry, but there are deep-embedded traditional, spiritual and hereditary values attached to it.

Beautiful Indian Jewellery to Add to Your Jewelry Box

What are the beautiful pieces of jewelry that deserve a special mention? The pieces of bejeweled beauties that you simply cannot do without.  Check out all of them here.

  1. Beautiful set of bangles: Bangles have been a part of Indian jewelry for ages. Whether it is a single bangle or a large stack of bangles, these pieces of jewelry adorns your wrist in the most delicate way possible. You can buy this jewelry in a number of styles. So, it can be traditional and timeless hand-me-down pieces from your grandmom’s prized bridal collection or simple yet pretty colorful glass bangles, their extra clink adds that much-needed allure to your wedding get-up.  Mix em’up to complete your look.
  2. Classy Jhumkis or jhumkas: Jhumkis or jhumkas deserve a special mention as these beauties have braved the onslaught of modern jewelry with unmatched flair. No wonder it has found a mention in many a Bollywood song. It is indeed a beautiful piece of jewelry and adds to the feminine charm of the wearer. Their versatility lies in the fact that one can pair them with a lehenga, a saree or a simple salwar kameez.  Whether it is gold, silver or pearl-drop jhumkas, they transcend the age barrier and adds its own graceful elegance to a wearer. Not only do they go well with traditional outfits but they can add the extra zing to your fusion look too.
  3. Maang tikkas or headpieces: This head accessory is a pretty unique type of jewelry that gives your wedding look a regal touch. Earlier it was worn to fulfill religious and spiritual purposes, but now the maangtikka is part of a complete exotic bridal look, just for its matchless beauty. This beauty sits pretty on the center of your head and the pendant graces your forehead. Maagtikkas come in various shapes and sizes. Pick and choose from the oversized or dainty, varieties and add to your overall bridal adornments.
  4. Nose rings: A nose ring or a nose stud is another jewelry that finds a place in the brides’ trousseau or a woman’s wardrobe. There are a variety of nose rings and they come in gold, silver, etched with semi-precious stones. You can also find costume jewelry which is easy on your pockets but they have a charm on their own. If you do not want to go ahead and pierce your nose you can always go for clip-on versions which fulfill your desire to wear nose-rings without the extra pain.
  5. Toe rings: Toe rings are an integral part of Indian culture since ancient times. This type of jewelry has symbolic significance and refers to a woman’s married state. In some cultures, they are a gift from a husband to a wife. They are available in a variety of styles, simple minimalistic designs or flamboyant ornate designs, you can choose according to your preference, one that goes with your overall bridal look. You will find them in pairs and worn on the second toe of your foot.
  6. Anklets: This dainty ornament is a favorite of most women. The tinkling sound it provides sound attractive and adds an overall appeal to a woman’s look. Not only women but girls love to wear these delicate beauties on their ankles too. These can add feminine allure to western outfits as well, and girls some times like to pair them with their short dresses and shorts. This looks attractive and is a complete scene-stealer.
  7. Choker necklaces: Choker necklaces have been a part and parcel of Indian heritage from times immemorial. It adds a very sleek look and clutches elegantly to your swan-like neck, providing its very own grace and style. It has been worn by queens with a royal flair and the brides of today still swear by its beauty and a sort of edgy elegance it adds. They are available in a variety of styles such as kundan, pearls and meenakari. They sometimes add a boho-chic value to your fusion look. A classy simple choker can really elevate your look. Sometimes brides prefer to wear elaborate chokers etched with semi-precious stones and let their choker-enhanced bridal look do all the talking.
  8. Rani haar: This is another beautiful type of necklace in the wide repertoire of Indian jewelry. A long necklace adds a priceless elegant look to the neck. It denotes a queenly look and women feel beautiful and powerful with this unique look. Sometimes, these necklaces are a part the family heirloom or you can go ahead and buy them online or at a store near you. Girls love to flaunt this type of neckpieces at weddings and you can even invest in costume-jewelry to go with your stylish wedding outfits. So, whether it is a lehenga, shararas or a sari, they can add a unique flavor to your overall look. It’s safe to say that the modern Indian woman simply cannot do without this prized beauty.

There are other types of jewelry that deserve an honorable mention such as finger rings, kamarbandhs, haathphools and so on. The varieties of Indian jewelry helps enhance your wardrobe and gives you a stunning bridal look. Yes, you can tap into your queenly aura by wearing this beautiful Indian jewelry. Well, when we speak of, grandeur, beauty, and elegance nothing comes close to Indian jewelry. I know, you agree with me too!