Stories are told about how great the Canadian mountains are, so we figured it was time to experience it for ourselves. Located in British Columbia, Whistler is a quiet town just north of Vancouver. This location consistently ranks the number one resort spot in North America. Sitting at 2,100 feet above sea-level, the local population is just over 10,000 people. During peak season it can swell five times that size on any given weekend, with tourists flocking to experience Whistler’s unbelievable powder.


Where to Stay

Home of the 2010 Winter Olympics, excitement grows to cross off this bucket-list location. With over 8,100 acres of snow-covered mountain and 200+ trails to explore, Whistler is a sports lover’s dream. Visitors can experience Big Mountain terrain, with the luxurious and quaint feel of a mountain town. It’s the perfect opportunity for an adventure-packed trip.

After researching all the lodging options, both on the mountain and off, we found a great place to stay is at Coast Blackbomb, which is a subsidiary of Coast Hotels. With their ski-in, ski-out accommodations, getting to the lift before anyone else to hit the fresh powder was effortless and allows more time to hit the slopes instead of shuttling back and forth from the mountain. To end the day there are the in-room fireplaces offered a cozy retreat after a day of activity.


What to Wear

Depending what time of the season you visit Whistler, the weather can vary. In January, temperatures average around the low 30’s, making it warmer than East Coast skiing. There’s certainly no lack of snow, with the area receiving over 37 feet of snow a year. Saga Outerwear provides comfort, gives you the protection needed when shredding down the mountain. Their designs are stylish and set you apart from the traditional snow gear. The Arctic parkas deliver on and off the mountain style and protection like no other jackets are worn before.

Any seasoned skier or snowboarders knows that the weather at the lodge is often very different from the weather at the summit. Whistler is no different. Not knowing what type of conditions to encounter, best to gear up in Oakley Snow Prizm goggles which gives the highest level of visibility and eye protection. The Snow Prizms, combined with our Ruroc helmets, provided us the extra confidence and safety needed to conquer any obstacles on the mountain.


Exciting Activities

When it came to off-slope adventures,  The Adventure Group led the way. The company, founded by Whistler-native Joey Houssian has hundreds of five-star reviews and offers everything we were looking for. From zip-lining to backcountry snowmobiling, The Adventure Group had it all covered. Their guided excursions were affordable and serve as a break from snowboarding during your trip. Back-country snowmobile experience is unbelievable, you get to explore untouched picturesque winter wonderland terrain. It is highly recommended you try the zip-lining and snowmobile package, the zip-lining experience is the largest in North America!

The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics host the most heard about public bobsled class that would allow you to have your own Olympic moment. Don’t leave Whistler without doing this!

Whistler Sports Legacies, who coordinates this bucket-list opportunity, is a non-profit that has taken the Whistler Olympic Park and transformed it into a public playground for tourists and locals to take advantage of. Through guided instruction, visitors can relive the 2010 Winter Olympics for themselves. There’s nothing more adrenaline-pumping (or nerve-wracking!) than flying headfirst at 70 MPH around tight corners in a tiny sled.This track packed a big punch and received the designation of the World’s Fastest Bobsled Track. Open through all weather conditions, it’s a great option off the mountain if you have bad weather during your visit.

From shredding the mountain to snowmobiling in several feet of snow, Whistler gives you the ultimate winter escape you have been looking for. If you’re looking for a winter getaway, consider the notorious mountain town that’s easily accessible and offers a snow-capped wonderland that everyone can enjoy.


All images courtesy of Patrick Reynoso.

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