France is one of the most seductive and alluring countries in the world. The food is incredible, the people are gorgeous, and the landscapes are breathtaking. Just the other day, I was enjoying some Lazarus Naturals CBD and reminiscing about my time in France and couldn’t help but fixate on the south.


The south of france is not at all like the southern U.S.; in France, the south is a cultural mecca filled with flights to ignite every one of our senses. The food is fresh, delicious, and incredibly unique. French cuisine is undoubtedly held in high regard, but many fail to recognize the incredible landscapes seen in the South of France. Let’s take a look at 5 of the places you simply must see when you’re in the South of France.



Aix might be the most beautiful city you will ever see. The window shades are painted the perfect provincial-blue, the buildings are old and gorgeous, and the people are as French as they come. If you are heading to France, make it a priority to stop by Aix. This beautiful place is considered a city and has all of the conveniences one would expect, but somehow still maintains a small town feeling. You can see the same street performers year to year, visit the same boulangeries, and enjoy the classic feel of an authentically French experience.



Once you’re able to pull yourself away from Aix, you should head up to Lourmarin. This beautiful, quaint little village embodies all of the classic french culture and aesthetics you expect to experience in the french countryside. The town is small and can be seen in a few hours, but the memory of its classic beauty will last a lifetime.


After you’ve indulged in a bit of the simple life in Lourmarin, it’s time to go visit the melting pot that is Marseille. This city is a cultural melting pot and has received wide recognition for its diversity. In Marseille you can enjoy everything from a traditional steak frite, to a delicious dish that perfectly represents the morrocon culture that is so prominent in Marseille.


Art and music are the heart and soul of Marseille and you can see top-tier live music in a huge variety of styles. The people of Marseille love everything from french rap, to amazing jazz and elegant classical music. Whether you want to spend the day in a world-class museum, or want to dance the night away after a fantastic dinner, Marseille has what you’re looking for.


Les Calanques

If you’re a fan of the beach, you won’t find a more beautiful place than Les Calanques. The water is crystal clear, warm, and the bluest thing you’ll ever see. Activities range from swimming and cliff diving, to hiking and rock climbing. Whether you want to relax with a campari on the rocks, or get your rope out and climb on the rocks, Les Calanques is the place to go. One of the many great things about Les Calanques is that it’s in the Marseille area and easy to access by car or public transport. Don’t leave the Marseille area without making your way to these incredible beaches!



Ok, Corsica is not technically in the south of france, but it is an island off the southern coast of france. Corsica is both rugged and elegant and provides travelers with a truly unique experience. The corsicans will be offended if you refer to them as french, so do mind your tongue and respect their culture. 


Corsica has some of the most gorgeous beaches and breathtaking mountains on the planet. In the center of the island is a rugged mountain range called the Bavella. Corsicans and tourists alike frequent these mountains to see their incredible beauty. If you have the time, you should hike the GR20. This is the most famous hiking trail in all of corsica, and though it’s a difficult trek, the landscapes you see will make it well worth the effort. When in the South of France, check out these 5 beautiful places and you will enjoy a truly unforgettable trip!


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