Dubai is the luxury capital of the world for good reason!  Checkout these everyday scenarios that you will see while you’re driving around the city. Simon Crerar from Buzzfeed put together this amazing list. 

1. Guys texting and driving with their pets.


2. Strange dogs hanging out of windows.


3. People getting taken for walks by their pets.


4. Pets getting exotic snacks.


5. Supercar traffic jams.

6. Smart solutions to traffic jams.

7. Pets on boats.


8. Parked camels.


Note: this photo was taken in Israel and is used for illustration purposes only.

9. Car park attendants you don’t want to mess with.

10. Backseat drivers you back away from.

11. Bikes with a serious amount of horsepower.


12. Lamborghini cop cars.


13. Seriously, don’t mess.


14. Cops busting themselves.


15. Road hogs.


16. Reeeeeeeaaallllly double-wides.


17. Stand-up paddle boarders.


18. People walking their camels.


Muhammad Haji Ahmed / Flickr: 99526415@N08 / Creative Commons

19. Bizarre balancing acts 🙁


20. Cell phones worth more than your house.


21. ATMs spitting out gold.


22. Bathrooms that look like this.

23. Bedrooms that looks like this.


24. Grooms wanted.


25. Exotic cuisine.


26. Free food for the poor.


27. Modest Starbucks outlets.

28. Must-buy fashions.

29. Strict rules.


30. Culture clashes.


31. Unorthodox marriage counseling.


32. High-rise tennis courts.


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