It seems that with every passing year, the number of offered flights and travelers only increases, and along with this surge in travel, further in-flight perks are presented to make that travel an easier, more pleasant experience. Of course, having access to some of these new services and amenities comes with a price. For some, the epitome of flight-luxury is flying privately; however, the perks offered on these commercial flights might make you consider taking one.

Before taking off, most of the first-class lounges are an experience in and of themselves. And because nothing says “relaxing layover” like a sauna in the premium lounge, Finnair decided to take this oxymoron and turn it into a reality. While everyone else tries to get onto the airport’s free Wi-Fi, connect to a private lounge connection and surf away. Qantas also has a business center in their first-class lounge in Sydney, complete with iMacs, conference rooms, and even a library. Most lounges also offer an impressive selection of food, barista-brewed coffee, and other drinks, as well as an impressive selection of seating.


In general, the airport lounge is one of the best places to complete any work or add some finishing touches to a project or presentation, as there is ample time before a flight. However, it’s worth noting that if you work in social media management and need to get something online while you’re in the air, Hootsuite and Buffer are frequently mentioned as tools that can make your job easier and will help with your workload on the go.

Then, once you do get on board and get to your seat, a first-class and business-class ticket nowadays means traveling in a private suite with doors closing out the rest of the cabin. Emirates flights also provide a minibar and vanity table with a mirror within these suits. Need to get a little work done? Singapore Airlines offers large, height-adjustable tables in their luxury suites that are perfect as an independent workstation and can adjust into a meeting room table as well.

Once sitting, the two things one normally thinks of first is food and entertainment. Unlike what normally passes for food in economy class on most airlines, the impeccable food in first and business class on the top airlines shows a clear difference. Some airlines also now present meals prepared by celebrity chefs. Fiji Airways offers food cooked by Lance Seeto, Air New Zealand offers food cooked by Peter Gordon, and La Premiere offers food cooked by Daniel Boulud. Not to mention that all first-class flights submit an impressive selection of sommelier-approved wine and other alcohol.

Most first-class flights provide nothing but the best in in-flight entertainment. LAN, for example, offers over 1,300 options for TV shows, movies, music, and games. With so much to choose from, you are sure to find something that suits your fancy. Plus, with a 17-inch LCD widescreen panel and noise-cancelling headphones, like what ANA offers, you can enjoy your entertainment in style and peace.


Had enough and want to get a little shuteye? Most first-class flights include a bed to ensure that you get a great night’s rest. Whether the large seat fully reclines into a 6-foot bed, or a full-sized bed is kept separate like on Singapore Airlines, you have what you need to rest peacefully, including exceptionally comfortable linens, blankets, and full-sized pillows. As if a bed wasn’t enough, Qantas also gives sleeping amenities like embroidered cotton PJ’s, slippers, socks, and an eye mask. It would be close to impossible not to sleep on this flight.


Yes, you read that correctly. First class in some airlines, like Emirates, has a spa bathroom complete with shower and a complementary set of high-end brand toiletries. You are able to wake up from a wonderful sleep, shower, and get yourself ready for the day ahead.

Speaking of being ready for the day, with complimentary chauffeur service to and from the airport, you can land – freshly showered and well rested – and be driven directly to your office or important meeting. Again, this is an Emirates luxury, and Qantas also provides a chauffeur service. The most luxurious in-flight experiences vary depending on the entertainment, amenities, food and drinks offered.

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