You may or may not have seen the commercials with Matthew McConaughey as he falls into a pool. McConaughey falls back first into the pool and causes a big splash and then it cuts to a shot of him driving the 2017 Lincoln MKZ. This 5- seater, super comfortable vehicle handles very well and drives ever so smoothly. The seats were our favorite part of the car because you are able to adjust the seats to support you, pretty much anywhere (all Lincoln cars are equipped with this feature).

Lincoln and Harmon Karman have partnered together to bring you the Revel Audio sound system which is included in all Lincoln vehicles. The Revel Audio experience feels like you are in a grand theater with pulsating sound waves. With multi-dimensional sound, the powerful bass complements the high pitched treble. With an interior that is treated to block out exterior noise, the music is pretty much all you will hear when you are driving the MKZ.

We started our afternoon off with lunch at Broken Spanish. Executive Chef Ray Garcia created a spectacular meal of traditional Mexican cuisine. We loved the guacamole with a spicy kick to it with freshly made tortilla chips. It was a 5-course meal filled with tamales, fresh seafood, and mole. The tres leches cake for dessert was to die for!

One of our favorite design features of the Lincoln MKZ is the sunroof. It isn’t your typical sliding sunroof but lifts up slightly and slides to the back of the vehicle. The lines are flush and it reminds us of a futuristic spaceship design.

Stargazing has been taken to new heights with the Lincoln MKZ.

Parked in front of Broken Spanish with our Lincoln MKZ.

The Lincolns came in true American spirit, representing the red, white, and blue.

We finished our Lincoln trip with a bespoke experience with haberdasher Gladys Tamez Millinery. Gladys creates an assortment of custom hats with ultimate precision and signature design aesthetics. When visiting her atelier, you will notice a variety of headpieces as she shows you her hat making process. It’s the perfect pairing for Lincoln because of its customization process. Recently, Lincoln launched their flagship showroom at Fashion Island in Newport Beach and they allow you to design a customized car with your favorite colors.

For more information visit Lincoln.

We wore fitted hats during our experience. The hat was so beautiful, we had to take one.

We enjoyed the interview and the MKZ experience.

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