With new advancements in technology and recent real estate development in Downtown, Los Angeles, we’re excited to hear about the first solar-powered apartment at Hanover Olympic in Downtown Los Angeles. Powered by rooftop solar panels, the residents can reverse the meter and send energy back to the utility grid via 4700 kilowatt-hours per year of generated energy.
solar-powered apartment

solar-powered apartment

Hanover Company, the forward-thinking developer, and manager of high-quality multi-family residential properties nationwide is introducing an exclusive collection of 20 solar-powered apartment homes within its luxury, high-design Hanover Olympic property.  With the launch of these 20 solar-powered homes, the door has been opened for conscious Los Angeles tenants to live a sustainable, solar-powered lifestyle.
Drawing power from the sun, the residences operate at net-zero energy consumption. This pilot program serves as the frontline for Hanover Company’s vision for green living and champions California’s strategic long-term plan to go solar. Each apartment is powered by a system of 10 dedicated solar panels fixed on the roof at Hanover Olympic that produces roughly 4700 kilowatt-hours per year. During daylight, the panels not only power the eco-apartment but send energy back to the utility grid, essentially reversing the meter. At night, the solar-powered apartment draws that energy back from the utility grid, netting an energy transfer of roughly zero…meaning the total amount of energy used on an annual basis is approximate to the amount of renewable energy created.
The 20 eco-apartments at Hanover Olympic create a new, exclusive opportunity for Los Angeles’ vast eco-conscious renting community, while also providing luxury amenities from the conscious comfort of a net-zero apartment home. Each of the solar-powered apartment units features a built-in iPad that provides information on energy consumption and energy tracking, as well as a Nest Learning Thermostat – the energy-saving smart thermostat that adapts to a resident’s schedule. Since 2011, the Nest Thermostat has saved over 4 billion kWh of energy in millions of homes worldwide.
For Los Angeles’ inaugural solar-powered apartment tenants, a net-zero lifestyle comes at zero sacrifices to elegance. In addition to being designed for sustainability, the eco-apartments at Hanover Olympic come finished in pinnacle quality. Residents will enjoy reclaimed wood flooring, recycled glass countertops, energy performance windows, GE star appliances and sensory lighting control. “We feel that Downtown Los Angeles is the ideal location for Hanover to introduce our Eco-Apartment concept,” explains Ryan Hamilton, Acquisitions, and Development Partner for Hanover Olympic. “The area is undergoing an amazing renaissance and is attracting innovators and first-adopters that are seeking a luxury lifestyle combined with new technology and the best amenities. We have been able to do all of that and provide the city with its first and only solar-powered, net-zero apartment home and hope that the success of this program will bring more attention to living a sustainable lifestyle.” The 20 solar-powered apartment is now available for leasing exclusively at Hanover Olympic.
For additional information and leasing opportunities, visit: www.hanoverolympic.com or call: 213.358.2580
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