In a socio-economic climate where many people have to continue working past the age of 65, being able to take an early retirement feels nothing short of a blessing.


But to make the most out of this advantage, you must choose a retirement spot that offers an ideal quality of living at affordable prices. This approach ensures that you don’t regret your retirement decision and continue to live comfortably with the savings you have set aside.


Here’s a list of the top 5 cities to live in after your early retirement to help you along this journey. From finding homes for sale in Mason City Iowa to considering investments in Lexington Kentucky, this list enables you to make an informed decision about your future.


Look for Homes for Sale in Mason City Iowa


As the 19th most populated city in Iowa, Mason City strikes an ideal middle ground between scarcity and density. With a reported population of just above 28,000 in the 2010 census and near 27,000 in a 2019 estimate, the city maintains this approach. It lets you enjoy a mix between busy urban life and peaceful retirement living.


Since Mason City is the county seat of its territory, it holds particular importance among other cities of its stature. This also makes the city more developed and enriched with activities than your average town of the same size. From premium shopping areas to unique dining locations, Mason City has various hangout spots to keep you busy during your early retirement years.


For families with school- or college-aged kids, Mason City offers various prestigious educational institutions to cultivate their natural talents. For households with multiple adults, the city has numerous employment options covering a wide range of industries. This means that your family can continue with their life while enjoying your company even if you take in your early retirement.


Mason City also offers an affordable cost of living and various housing options, which ensures that you don’t waste your savings on living expenses over time.


Find a Suitable Spot in Henderson Nevada


With an estimated population of over 320,000, Henderson, Nevada is among the fastest-growing cities of the U.S.. Still, apart from that status, the city is also known for being a haven for early retirement. This makes it an excellent option to consider while finding homes for sale in Mason City Iowa.


Henderson gains this distinction through various factors that include but are not limited to an active lifestyle and various recreational facilities. Since the city is just a 20-minute drive away from Las Vegas, it gives you easy access to the world’s gambling capital and its highly famous casinos, restaurants, and shopping districts.


Compared to Las Vegas that charges you an arm and a leg, Henderson offers access to these facilities at a comparatively affordable price. Living in the city is still not as pocket-friendly as choosing a town such as Mason City. However, it is a choice to be considered if your early retirement plan involves frequent outings and trips without a worry in the world.


Along with popular educational facilities and employment options, Henderson also holds various residential properties at various price points. If you think that the Las Vegas lifestyle suits you, considering these factors would be the way to go.


Discover Your New House in Chandler Arizona


As another famous desert city, Chandler Arizona might appeal to you if you aren’t wary of hot and dry weather. But with an estimated population of over 257,000 in 2018, it is clear that it does the job of providing a permanent home for a whopping amount of people. This makes it a noticeable alternative while looking for homes for sale in Mason City Iowa.


Chandler holds this reputation due to its local restaurants, shopping areas, and other recreational activities. But a significant boost in this aspect comes from its vicinity to Phoenix, which is famous for its nightlife and tourist hotspots.


Located just half an hour’s drive away from Phoenix, Chandler gives you a taste of the fast city life at comparatively low costs. The education and employment choices in the area only add to its value for families led by retired parents or partners.


Once again, it’s prudent to note that Chandler’s cost isn’t as low as more serene towns. But if you are looking for busier retirement life, then considering the home listings in the area might be an excellent way to go.


Search for a Home in Pittsburgh Arizona


With an estimated population of over 300,000 in 2018, Pittsburgh Arizona, is nothing if not crowded. But this former industrial capital and current commercial hub have plenty of benefits in tow if you choose it as your early retirement base. This makes it another option in place of finding homes for sale in Mason City Iowa.


Apart from offering a slew of natural and cultural history museums, Pittsburgh also delivers the much-needed balance between recreation and accessibility. While the city’s commercial areas provide various places for you to dine out, shop, and indulge in the nightlife, its residential locations offer a mix of affordable and luxury properties.


If your early retirement plan focuses heavily on your family, then the city’s education opportunities might also appeal to you. In case your relocation needs to factor in other family members’ employment options, the area can also cater to them.


If you can easily afford to live in a sought after location without jeopardizing your savings, Pittsburgh has plenty to bring to the table. But if you fear running short on funds, looking at a quieter town might be the best option.


Consider a Place in Lexington Kentucky


Whether you are attracted to farm life or want to spend your retirement years in a setting that focuses on animals, Lexington Kentucky, maybe the perfect fit for you.


As a town known for its association with horses and thoroughbred racing, Lexington offers everything needed for the ideal equestrian lifestyle. If that’s something that appeals to you, you may pick this town as another option besides looking for sale in Mason City Iowa.


The city is home to the Kentucky Horse Park, which has various equestrian activities, including a theme park. The location brings plenty of tourists to it monthly and remains one of the most popular attractions in the area. Apart from the famous park, you can also enjoy other race tracks and related spots daily if you choose Lexington as your retirement location.


It’s no surprise to know that the most evident employment opportunities in the city come from equestrian jobs. But the city also has plenty of other options for professionals from different industries. The area also has decent educational programs in place, which could cater to your growing family.


If your main focus with early retirement is to fulfill your previously-ignored passions, heading to Lexington might be a good idea. But if horse riding and related activities aren’t right up your alley, you might want to look for other options.


By keeping these areas in mind, you can easily find a location that appeals to you and your budget alike. This makes way for an ideal retirement experience and ensures that you don’t have to shun your plans for relaxation to earn a living again.


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