Everybody can be considered a wine lover of some kind. Some like to cook with it, some like collecting bottles, and finally, there are those who love the taste of a glass of wine after a long day of work. If you are in any of these groups, you might be interested in taking part in wine tasting. It is such a sophisticated, exciting, and interesting event to attend. The problem is how to act once there among wine specialists? Let’s make you an expert in wine tasting etiquette.


Create a plan for the evening

Knowing a few wine producers or retailers, like acker or le clos, might not be enough for a wine tasting. You need to prepare a plan for the whole evening. During a tasting, there will probably be more wines to try than you are capable of, so it would be best if you tried to come up with a list of wines that are your priority. Try to get in touch with the head of the event and ask for a list of producers and possibilities. The most basic plan here is to start from sparkling wines first and then move on to the white and richer red wines. Decide which ones you are most curious about, and skip those that you already know. Taste the classics and make sure to explore the unfamiliar. There is only so much time during an event like this, and your body has limits too.


Come prepared

Now that you know what kind of wines you would like to taste, it is time to get to know how to try them. The rules of wine tasting are not that much complicated, as long as you are aware of the order and timing of them. When you get handed a glass of wine, the first thing you do is a swirl and smell the wine. Next comes the tasting, take a tiny sip, and take your time doing it. If you like the wine you have been served you can finish the sample, but remember that there are plenty of glasses in front of you.


Ask a lot of questions 

Do not act like you know everything about the wine, from grapes to the drink, if you don’t have that knowledge. Nothing worse than wine expert wannabes that get caught lying about their expertise. It is considered appropriate and even desired to ask as many questions as your head suggests you to. Don’t be afraid of asking stupid or wrong questions; there is no such thing. You are there to educate yourself about wine, and there is no other way to learn than asking questions. 


Take notes

When we are talking about asking questions, you should remember not to forget the answers you got. Make sure to take notes; you won’t be the only one doing it. Preserving information is key if you want to broaden your knowledge and be able to impress other people with what you know. And if you want to be classy, take a notebook with you and don’t write your notes on the phone. This way, the wine experts will know that you appreciate what they are saying and not distracting yourself. 


Dress for success

Wine tasting has nothing to do with informal gatherings. It is very much a sophisticated evening, and you should dress appropriately to the occasion. A shirt and tie or a lovely cocktail dress is an excellent idea for a wine tasting. The wine experts like to carry themselves seriously, so you don’t want to stand out because you are dressed too casually. 

Forget your perfume

So you know the rules, you already are dressed for success, but there is one thing you should avoid at all costs, and it is the usage of perfume. Wine tasting is a sensual experience, and you need your nose to focus on the smell of it. The fragrance is an unnecessary distraction that can ruin your night. Make an exception, and leave your favorite perfume bottle intact at home. 


Avoid getting wasted

No one wants to waste wine, but you should be more scared of getting wasted at a wine tasting. Simply saying, there is no way you can have a couple of glasses of different wines and stand straight. But there is something you can do to prevent yourself from overdrinking. To get the full experience, you’ll want to pace yourself by spitting wine as you go. 

Another essential thing to do before a tasting is to go out for a meal. You do not want to be hungry on a wine tasting and then drink a lot of alcohol on an empty stomach. It is recommended to eat something fatty before a significant alcohol intake. You should avoid stomach sensations at all costs during such a sophisticated night like a wine tasting. 


Wine tasting is an experience that most people enjoy, even if they are not massive wine enthusiasts. There is a mysterious atmosphere surrounding such evenings, and people tend to love it and come back for more. This is very much adult fun. And now, you know everything you need to enjoy it. Let’s taste some wine!


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