If you’ve finally been able to get a hold of that luxury car you’ve been dreaming of for so long, then I’m sure you want to do everything possible to keep it clean, safe, and in great working order. If you want your baby to stay in pristine condition for years on end, there are various ways you can make sure it gleams and growls just the way you want it to. Here are a few handy tips to remember…

Use the Right Cleaning Solutions

One of the biggest tragedies you hear about among car nuts is when someone spends a small fortune on a luxury car, and then causes some irreparable damage to it by using the wrong kind of cleaning product on it. If your luxury car has leather seats, then they should be cleaned regularly with the right product. This goes for leather steering wheels and trimming as well. When you’re cleaning any carpets, use a high-quality shampoo and a brush with good, stiff bristles. Plastic dashboards and panels can generally be wiped down with a normal cleaning spray and a soft cloth. However, when it comes to any wooden trims and surfaces, you should use a cutting polish and a microfibre cloth.

Follow General Best Practices


Often, making sure your car has a long and trouble-free life is a simple case of sticking to best practices. Be sure to slow right down when going over speed bumps in order to protect the suspension, avoid any kind of hard braking if you can avoid it, and keep your car in a garage whenever possible to avoid damage from the elements. Of course, more valuable cars will have different sets of best practices you need to stick to. For example, if you’ve bought a classic car, and you’re planning to take it to the other end of the country for a prestigious motor show, it’s a good idea to invest in things like this Shiply car transport service. Aside from that, make sure your tyres are always kept to a good pressure and that you’re changing them according to the car’s recommended cycle. Taking care of a luxury car means a little more effort, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Follow the Maintenance Schedule


Closely tied in with my last point, following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule is also very important if you want your car to go the distance. Yes, the manufacturers will occasionally release schedules that are a little overbearing. However, when you’ve invested so much in your vehicle, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Even the most basic things like changing your oil or your air filter should be followed exactly as the schedule specifies. Skip over them, or put them off for too long, and you’ll risk some of your essential components starting to show signs of aging much sooner than you’d want. Make sure you’re using high-quality products whenever relevant, like the car’s oil and other fluids. There’s bound to be a forum you can use when in doubt.

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