Parkos extends through Melbourne. The new platform for secure and affordable parking near airports have landed in several cities in the country and already offers its services in Melbourne, Barcelona, Brisbane and also in other cities and countries. If you are searching for a car parking Melbourne airport then Parkos is the best option for you.

What Are Parkos And Security?

A company that started in Holland and in three years has become market leaders in that country, in Belgium, Sweden, and Italy. As explained by Parkos, it is a service in which they personally inspect all parking companies that join the website to ensure that customers leave their vehicles in safe hands.

At the same time, to provide greater security to the vehicle that is parked before a trip, the partners have security cameras and personnel 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Prices In Parkos:

Meanwhile, Parkos emphasizes that the cheapest prices are offered, which amounts to saving 50% of money instead of leaving the car in the official airport parking lot where scenes of broken-down cars or other problems have already been seen.

However, in Parkos, this saving of rates is possible by having several parking spaces around the world. For its part, changes and cancellations are free. It means parkos provide you the low-cost Melbourne airport parking with complete safety.

Services Provided By Parkos:

With the parking options, other services are also available such as valet or shuttle bus parking or covered parking. The big difference between valet parking and traditional parking is that in the first the case you deliver the vehicle to a valet used to save time.

Reservations through a search engine where using some filters, a list of providers are provided were to select the favorite parking, according to the preferences of the user after being able to read more information about the parking itself.

Regarding the time in advance of reservations, the the recommended minimum period in high season is three days minimum, although if this is not possible (for not knowing the details of the flights, for example), many Parkos providers accept reservations made up to three hours before departure.

Payment Method:

All payments made through Parkos are managed through a secure connection with an SSL certificate signed. There is also the possibility of paying through Paypal, the most direct connection to your personal online banking program.

About Parkos:

Group of Dutch travel bloggers introduced Parkos because they noticed read the reviewed of different people about the lack of airport parking and also for the high price of the airport parking. That’s why to fulfill all the people’s needs and requirements they introduced the Parkos. Now Parkos is running for 5 years in different countries and provides you the best and low-cost airport parking services.

How does it work?

Parkos comes with a simple interface and you can easily book airport parking. It works similarly to other airport parking services. First, you have to go to the website and select the city after this you have to select airport parking time and date. It doesn’t charge any extra charges for the cancellation of the airport booking. It is a reliable and low-cost airport parking service.