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Louise Roe is your typical Angeleno, in the sense that she has a million different things going on at any given time. She’s worked as a fashion correspondent for E!, Access Hollywood, and ABC, for shows like the Golden Globes, the Oscars and the Royal Wedding, and hosted NBC’s hit show “Fashion Star.” She also writes for the likes of Vogue.com, Glamour, US Weekly, and In Style UK, among others.  Originally from Britain, Roe moved to sunny Los Angeles five years ago for good (even though she does head home quite a bit).  Next up, you can catch her working the red carpet as a commentator for “Access Hollywood” at The 2014 Emmy Awards on Sunday, August 25th. Without further ado, here are Ms. Roe’s Top Five.

My Top Five is a new Destination Luxury column, where key individuals who appreciate all things luxury will discuss some of the objects, places and moments that are important to them. Whether it’s a favorite restaurant, location, or perhaps, a just a wonderful experience, they’ve agreed to give Destination Luxury an insider’s point of view into the things they love.

1. I love shopping for my new home at Anthropologie. I’m clearly getting a bit too grown up now, because i get way overexcited about their crockery! I just bought these gorgeous printed bowls, and I’m putting them on my very boozy cocktail cart. 

2. I adore my orange monogrammed jewelry box from C Wonder. It’s eye-catching and so kitsch.

3. Traveling is big on my list. My dad is a travel writer and I grew up loving seeing new places, learning about new cultures. I just visited Bali, and PotatoHead was the coolest beach club I’ve ever hung out at. California, we need one of these please!

4. Vaunte.com. It’s a website selling barely-used designer wares. Not only to I buy a ton of incredible bargains on there, but i also sell a bunch of pieces, my Gucci heels just went up! https://www.vaunte.com/members/louiseroe

5. I totally love Jeans by DL1961. You know when you spend years searching for that perfect pair, that fit like a glove – that suck you in and are soft and comfy? I barely take them off.


For more on Louise, go to her site www.LouiseRoe.com, and you can follow her on Instagram @LouiseRoe.


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