Be it lucky genes, brilliant minds, or mind-boggling talents, we are proud to present the twenty richest teens, tweens, and toddlers on planet Earth.

20. Bella Thorne – 2 Million

Actress, singer, most novel, and still not of legal drinking age. Bella Thorne Net Worth has been in magazines since she was 6 months old and as the money to show for it. This award-winning Disney starlet is worth two million dollars and has a major role on the Disney show Shake It Up. While being spotted wandering around with five thousand dollar purses, she also sponsors needy children in Africa.

19. Lorde – 2 Million

While she may never be royal, being worth two million at 17 years old with one of the best selling and Grammy award winning albums of 2013 has to be worth something. Her popularity and net worth continue to skyrocket after the release of her latest single, the theme song to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, Yellow Flicker Beat.

18. Jackie Evancho – 2.5 Million

At only 14 years old, this Pittsburgh native can sing, play piano, play the violin, and can be found on her wildly popular YouTube channel. Having toured in 2010 with the “America’s Got Talent Tour” and having a PBS special, the young woman with the voice of an angel seems to be doing quite well for herself.

17. Cody Simpson – 4. 6 Million

At sixteen most boys are trying to figure out how to conquer acne, ask out a girl, and get their driver’s license. This sixteen-year-old Australian-born singer instead has signed with Atlantic Records and is working with Grammy-nominated producer Shawn Campbell and just completed his first tour.

16. Elle Fanning – 5 Million

The first of our “rich siblings” at Number 16, the sixteen-year-old actress has starred in popular movies such as this year’s Disney hit Maleficent and the Academy award winning Benjamin Button. While her elder sister might be the bigger name, it’s hard to scoff at being worth five million dollars before you’re old enough to vote.

15. Willow Smith – 5 Million

The younger of the Smith kids, this little pop princess is worth a cool five million. After releasing the hit (and memetic) “Whip My Hair” in 2010, she’s kept in the public spotlight by being the daughter of Will Smith and a scandalous photo shoot with Moises Arias earlier in the year. Still singing and performing, she’s worth slightly over five million dollars before she’s old enough to drive.

14. Chloe Grace Moretz – 8 Million

Cool name, cooler career. This seventeen-year-old Georgia native has kicked some tail as Hit Girl in the Kickass series of films, wrecked some havoc as the titular Carrie in 2013, and most recently broke people’s hearts with If I Stay.

13. Jaden Smith – 8 Million

The elder of the Smith kids, now mostly known for his strange and wonderful Twitter feed, is a musician and actor after his own father’s much-beloved career. Worth eight-million dollars at sixteen years of age, this Malibu kid also acts as an ambassador for Project Zambia.

12. Abigail Breslin – 12 Million

Working since she was three years old and nominated for an Academy Award at ten years old with the critically-acclaimed, darling Little Miss Sunshine, Abigail Breslin has fought aliens, zombies, and most recently was in the film adaptation of the cult novel Ender’s Game.

11. Angus T. Jones – 15 Million

The former half-man of the popular Two and a Half Men sitcom, he was paid a whopping $350,000 per episode of the CBS staple before quitting suddenly, calling the show “filth” and claiming that “you cannot be a true God-fearing person and be on a television show like that.” Hating his former employer or not, being worth fifteen mil by your 21st birthday seems to balance out.

10. Dakota Fanning – 16 Million

The I Am Sam, Twilight, Coraline, and Man on Fire starlet has put quite a bit of career under her belt by twenty years of age, accumulating a nice sixteen million throughout her career without any sort of major meltdown. In 2005 she lent her voice, along with her sister (Number 16, Elle Fanning) for the anniversary re-release of My Neighbor Totoro.

9. Selena Gomez – 16 Million

Disney starlet turned regular starlet, the beautiful Selena Gomez was the breakout star on Wizards of Waverly Place and cemented herself as a fully grown actress with the Harmony Korine film Spring Breakers in 2012.

8. Nick Jonas – 18 Million

The Disney Kids stand strong with the former frontman of the Jonas’ Brothers Band, Nick Jonas. With a successful solo career and a solid acting career with DirectTV’s Kingdom, the 22-year-old is worth a hair shy of twenty million before he’s old enough to rent a car in most states.

7. Nick D’Aloisio – 30 Million

The youngest venture capitalist in this modern era, this English technological whiz kid sold his AI technology app Sumly to Yahoo for 30 million in 2013 and was listed as one of Time Magazine’s 16 Most Influential Teens of 2013. He was even profiled in the “Secrets of Genius” publication.

6. Emma Watson – 60 Million

Feminist icon, starlet, and one of the most famous witches of all time, Emma Watson grew to fame after playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series of films. A model, a UN Women Goodwill ambassador, and Oxford graduate, this multi-talented woman has made an impressive 60 million for herself.

5. Richest Miley Cyrus – 150 Million

The Disney Kids can’t stop with the acting, singing, dancing, wrecking-ball known as Miley Cyrus. Spawning movies, toys, video games, and more platinum albums than you can shake a stick at, the daughter of My Achey Brakey Heart one-hit wonder Billy Ray Cyrus has made herself into one of the youngest and most successful young performers in America.

4. Richest India Rose James – 166 Million

One of the few heirs to media giant Paul Raymond’s empire, India Rose James is worth one hundred and sixty-six million dollars by twenty-one years of age. Being richer than the Queen of England gives her some leeway to lead the party life she’s famous for in New York.

3. Richest Justin Bieber – 200 Million

You better Beliebe it. Love him or hate him, the Canadian pop sensation has managed to amass a pretty impressive empire by 20 years of age. Earning eighty million dollars in 2014 alone, it seems no amount of scandal or scorn will stop the former YouTube darling from raking in the Benjamins.

2. Richest Justin Dior Combs – 550 Million

Son of Sean “Puff Daddy” “Diddy” Combs, this college football player is worth over half a billion dollars before he’s even done with school. Not even old enough to drink legally, he now plays for the UCLA Bruins and was given a $360,00 Maybach car for his 16th birthday.

1. Richest Blue Ivy Carter – 1 Billion


The offspring of multimedia darlings Jay-Z and Beyonce, Little Baby Blue is worth an estimated one billion dollars before she even starts her first day of kindergarten. With her parents most recent success story being the On The Run Tour, it looks like this little girl isn’t going to have to grow up with a “Hard Knock Life.”

That’s Destination Luxury’s top twenty richest kids. What would you do if you were that wildly wealthy before your were old enough to drive?

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