This fashion video short features the car collection of Setorii Pond, (our Editor-in-Chief) also known as The Pond Car Collection which contains 110 cars. The video was shot at the Pond estate Рthis is footage of the behind the scenes footage of Motor Trend Classic Magazine which was setting up to shoot an article about Setorii and the car collection for its garage feature. It created by Yaroslav Kofman and David C. Lee and the models are Danielle, Shawn and our Editor-In-Chief, Setorii in the video at the bottom of the article.


Setorii has created a book which will be released soon featuring many of the cars from the collection, merging fashion and the art of the automobile. The book is to be released later this year and from what we have heard, this book release party will be filled with a sea of elite car fans. One lucky Destination Luxury reader will get an exclusive invite to attend. Stay tuned for details on how you could be the lucky winner posing next to the top models featured in the book. Below are a few behind the scenes images.



Want a chance to win a copy of The Art Of Setorii book? Let us know in the comments below and the best comment may win!


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