The Apple watch has proven to be the second most popular wearable device on the market. Money-saving site Voucherbox carried out a study involving 2000 consumers shopping from more than 20 retailers and results showed that the Fitbit was the favourite mainly due to budget and features. The Fitbit was most popular amongst consumers who simply wanted a device that promoted healthy living. While the other wearable devices on the market perhaps did not have such an impact in supporting fitness, they were perceived as a multi-functional piece of equipment ready to assist in daily tasks.

As for the smartwatch made by Apple, it is more than a gadget which encourages a healthy lifestyle. Not only does it keep track of users’ health and fitness with a heart rate sensor, a Breathe app and a workout programme, but it also brings all the smartphone features to their wrist – texts, emails, apps, GPS and more. Apple has created the wearable to sync alongside the iPhone, giving users the choice of gadget to suit their circumstances.

Better customisation

With the Series 2, Apple improved their product by giving consumers the option to personalise their watch with a diverse range of straps and bands. They now have over 38 designs on the market that can be purchased separately to change the look or suit different moods or styles. In short, Apple has transformed their wearable into a fashionable item.

Initially, upgrading or transforming the Apple watch was expensive, with choices of stainless steel or leather bands starting at around £20. Apple has now made the smart move of reaching a wider audience with simple everyday styles at a lower price and in several colourful bands, patterns and prints, alongside the more traditional and exclusive-looking genuine leather designs.

The smartwatch for runners

In September 2016, Apple revealed a special sports edition of their smartwatch at the iPhone 7 launch. Teaming up with market sports leaders Nike, they unveiled the ‘Apple Watch Nike+’ which has been designed especially for runners. The watch comes with a strap made from the same material as the original Apple Watch Sport Band, a cleverly perforated strap made from durable and flexible fluoroelastomer. The perforations allow for more ventilation, which is more comfortable when sweating during exercise.


The Apple Watch Nike + gives consumers an option of four colour combinations, each with a two-tone sporty style. There are also two Nike designer watch faces that can be customised with features such as activity rings, stopwatch and heart rate, enabling runners to choose the most relevant options. Apple have also incorporated and built in the Nike+ Run Club app which motivates users every day by asking the question ‘Are we running today?’ at one touch of the screen. It notifies users when the weather is perfect for running and communicates with friends who challenge each other on fitness.

The Apple Watch Nike+ is now available on the worldwide market and prices start from £399. If you’re a keen runner or sportsman, then it’s worth shopping around on the cyber high street to look for discounts or special deals.

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