Spurred on by a family tradition dating back to the nineteenth century, Manuel Carrera and his cousin Juan Jose created Carrera y Carrera brand in the 1970s. The firm quickly began the process of international expansion which was consolidated with the arrival in 1999 of a new management team.

The jewels of Carrera y Carrera, which are famous for their exclusive design and gold work are made with the detailed and perfect skill that is accessible to only a handful of true craftsmen. These professionals, at the firm’s central workshops in Madrid, made each of the pieces which are later launched on the market by hand, carefully nurturing even the finest detail.

Carrera y Carrera has always found inspiration for its designs in Nature and Art. This inspiration has constantly changed, always seeking the expression of modernity, and is reflected in the finely detailed gold work. Another differentiating factor is the matte/brilliant finishing on the pieces which, via contrast, enables the finer details to be better appreciated.

Spanish character and its values such as passion, enthusiasm or love of life are also present in the design and inspiration of the collections, as well as in advertising and communication campaigns.

Carrera y Carrera is loved by worldwide and Japanese celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Scarlet Johansson, Esther Canadas, Giselle & Koyuki.


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