Sometimes, there is simply no avoiding the need to spring clean. Mess and clutter can accumulate very easily, especially in small spaces, so it is important to deal with it quickly. On the other hand, nobody wants to spend too much time tidying, so the best way to approach decluttering is with a clever plan.

It is possible to speed through spring house cleaning and make sure that it is done properly. Plus, the better the job you do the first time around, the easier it will be the next time. That is how clutter works; break the bad habits and the mess won’t grow so quickly.

These handy hints and tips for decluttering your home will help you transform your living space into a practical paradise.


Check Your Home for Pests

This is only really necessary if you have amassed a lot of clutter or you have reason to believe that there is a pest problem in your home. If you have spotted signs of an infestation (be it rodent or insect), respond quickly. Get in touch with reputable pest controllers in Geelong and sort the problem out before it turns into a major issue.


Allocate a Spot for Letters

Loose papers and letters often account for a large proportion of the clutter in our homes. This is because we tend to move them around a lot. We pin one bill here, put another receipt in a drawer, and place bank statements somewhere else entirely. Allocating a single spot for incoming papers, bills, and letters is a simple and easy way to keep clutter to a minimum.


Keep Worktops Clear

Even if your drawers and cupboards are still messier than you’d like, starting off with clean worktops is a good place to begin. Try to keep all of the worktops and counters in your home free of clutter. Things like your toaster and your blender are fine, but get rid of stray mugs, condiments, hair ties, and anything else that tends to get discarded in odd spots.


Put Together a ‘Maybe’ Box

This tip will help you to let go of items that seem to mean a lot, but haven’t been used in years. While spring cleaning and decluttering, toss items that you are not sure about into a ‘maybe’ box. If you don’t come back to use it within the next month, it needs to be thrown away. Make sure that you store your maybe box out of the way, so it doesn’t create more mess.


Donate Unwanted Items

Sometimes, committing to a charitable donation, rather than simply throwing old possessions away, is the motivation that we need to get the job done. If there are no suitable places to donate clothes and other items, find a relative or friend who might have a use for them. It is easier to give up once loved possessions if we know that they are going to have a new life.


Teach Kids to Tidy

It is important for children to feel free and unrestricted in their play. The problem is that this tends to end up with toys strewn all around the house. A handy way to allow young children to play and stay tidy is to set up personalised collection boxes or areas of the room. So, when you need the kids to clear up quickly, they can put all of their toys into the box with their name on it. Then, when it comes time for a proper clean, get them to put the things away properly.


How to Make Decluttering a Stress Free Process

The key to a successful and stress free spring clean is to keep things simple. And don’t push yourself too hard. If the house is very messy and there is a lot of clutter to deal with, take it room by room. You don’t have to clean the whole house in a day. Start with one surface or area, so that you can move outwards, clearing a little bit each time that you come back to it.


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