Want to look stylish on a first date so that you make a good impression? It is completely normal to feel a bit nervous and not know what to wear – but you don’t want to let that get in the way of looking great.


To help make it easier for you to look your best, here are a few important tips that can make you look more stylish on your date:


  • Wear an outfit that you already own

Thinking about buying a new outfit for your date? While there’s nothing wrong with buying a new outfit if you really have nothing to wear, it should be your last resort.


Wearing outfits that you already own is far better. It will reflect your style, and send the right impression. More importantly you will be a lot more familiar with outfits you own than you will be with one that you just pick up.


  • Find something that you feel confident wearing

The clothes that you wear should not only make you look your best, but they should make you feel your best too. If you wear the latest fashion but don’t feel confident while wearing it – you won’t project a good image.


Try to find something that makes you feel more confident instead. It could be an outfit that has gotten you compliments in the past. The more confident you feel, the less nervous you’ll be too.


  • Dress for the occasion

As far as possible, try to figure out where you’re going to be going beforehand, and then plan your outfit accordingly. The last thing that you want to do is show up in casual wear for a black-tie event, or in formalwear when you’re just going bowling.


If the venue is meant to be a surprise, just ask your date whether or not there’s any dress code that needs to be followed.


  • Get a second (honest) opinion

It never hurts to ask a friend or family member what they think of your outfit – but try to make sure it’s someone that you trust, and who will be brutally honest with you. On top of that it would help if they’re fashion-savvy enough to be able to suggest how you can improve it.


Keep in mind that if you do ask for someone else’s opinion, you should be open to any criticism they have.


All these tips should help out regardless of the type of date that you’re going on. If you’re not sure what to do on a date, you may want to check out the Date Night Decider that is

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for some ideas.


Just remember that at the end of the day as much as looking stylish for a first date is important, it is only part of what factors into a first impression. The rest is more about your personality – and that’s completely up to you.



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