Las Vegas is one of the biggest entertainment cities in the world, but if you’re looking to wind down after partying it up, try The Sahra Spa at The Cosmopolitan. The spot offers massage and body treatment rooms, hydrotherapy, skin care and even specialty suites catering to couples. 

The Sahra Spa is not just a spa — it also boasts a 1,200 square foot hammam that can accommodate up to four guests, which is one of just three hammams found in North American hotels. By combining centuries-old traditions like body detoxification, steam treatments, and a cooling bath, the hammam pays its allegiance to a modern practice.

Since there are so many relaxing options to choose from, so we asked their team to narrow down the best three experiences to have. They recommended:

  1. Sahra Signature Massage. Combining Thai, Swedish, and Shiatsu techniques, the massage increases the energy level throughout the body leaving the recipient with a one-of-a-kind experience.
  2. BIOEFFECT® EYGLÓ Facial. Creating a cutting edge treatment, this facial blends bio-identical cellular activators produced by plants to improve the skin’s thickness, density, texture and firmness. The end result of this treatment you ask? The Fountain of Youth.
  3. Red Flower Hammam. Consisting of an 80 minute session filled with sensual and fragrant heat and steam that detoxes and relaxes the body. This experience favors eleven flower oils and fruit essences, including Red Flower’s Coffee Lemon Blossom Olive Stone Scrub. Through each phase of the session, the body will release an intense aroma providing therapeutic healing properties.

While the spa does not offer honeymoon packages, their suites are uniquely designed for couples looking for a more private experience. You and your companion can enjoy a steam room and deep soaking tub, along with a relaxation space and personal vanity area. 

To book a reservation at The Sahra Spa and Hammam, visit their website here.

Header image courtesy iLight Technologies. All additional images courtesy of The Cosmopolitan Hotel of Las Vegas.

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