“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”, however, in this scenario, we are talking about a vacation. We work tirelessly every day, and we go to bed, totally exhausted. Hence, you must treat yourself with a memorable trip, and what if we tell you that you can spend your vacation on a remote island and save money simultaneously? Cool, right? Well, you can book hotels, food, travel arrangements from Hotwire at some fantastic prices. Additionally you can save more on your bookings by employing Hotwire coupons 2020. Some of the major ongoing discounts are – up to 45% on hotels, flights, car bookings, 15% savings on prepaid rentals and much more. There are other sites like Airbnb, Trivago, etc. that are doing the same, but before that, let’s check these remote islands and the deals associated with them.


Easter Island

This is one such place that you might have seen on posters and movies but is unaware of its name. Remember those monolithic stone statues standing upright on the ground? Yes, those statues were made by the real Polynesian descendants of the region, and the island is situated almost 3500kms off-coast from the mainland country of Chile. The island is remote, calm, and serene, and the view will make you rethink all the problems of your life. Let’s check out some deals on the leading websites for accommodation on Easter island.

  • With the help of Hotwire offers, you can get a room in Cabanas Keuhenua for as low as $90 a night, and it is 4.8 miles away from the center of the island.
  • Whereas on Airbnb, there are tents and camps for as low as $10 a night for experiencing the real Chilean hospitality.


Rodrigues Island

If you are a fan of flora and flora, you must be aware of Mauritius. This island comes under the authority of Mauritius, and it lies towards the east of 560kms of Mauritius’ main island. The island happens to be a volcanic island and is surrounded by a coral reef with arrangements for diving, skiing, etc. Let’s check out the accommodation on Rodrigues island from Airbnb.

  • Miana house in Rodrigues island is available for accommodation for as low as $19 per night. The biggest advantage being, the entire house is open for rent.

Whereas on Trivago-

  • La Terrasse guest house is available for as low as $39 with free breakfast as well.


Flores Island

As the name suggests, the name of the island roughly translates into the flower island in Portuguese. The island is petted with millions of wildflowers, trees, etc. The island is famous for lagoons, hot springs, and evidence of volcanic eruptions away from the coast of Portugal. Let’s check out the deals available on Airbnb.

  • Acquamarina Flores is offering accommodation for $100 per night.
  • You can also AL737 Quarto em residencia familiar with free parking and kitchen for $53 per night only.

Some attractive offers on Trivago-

  • Hotel Ocidental for $123 per night and free breakfast.



This island is situated in French Polynesia, which is rather triangular and is surrounded by a lagoon. If you are fascinated by beaches, the island’s black and white sand beaches will catch your gaze at Moorea. The scenic beauty and mountains will be the perfect vacation for you this season.

Check out some attractive offers on Hotwire for Moorea.

  • Hotel Kaveka, which is 4.1 miles away from Central Moorea, is available for $150 per night with loads of amenities.
  • Hotel Hibiscus is available at the price of $167 per night with a 4 out of 5 stars ratings. Now that’s a topper in lodging we are dealing with!


Shetland Islands

The United Kingdom is home to various beautiful scenes and the World’s oldest reigning monarch. Among all this, the Shetland Islands in Scotland are one of the most beautiful and patched grasslands. The island is majorly uninhabited, and if you are a birdwatcher, this island would be a delight to visit. Let’s check out some amazing deals on Airbnb for the Shetland Islands.

  • You can rent an entire cottage here with free parking, Wi-Fi, kitchen, and loads of other amenities available for $52 per night.
  • There is a modern town center apartment up for rental at a reduced price of $85 per night in the Lerwick neighborhood.


San Blas Islands

The beautiful country of Panama houses this remotely exquisite island. However, it must be noted that these islands are a set of 365 islands and are the perfect scene for all the calendar photo shoots. Interested enough? Let’s check out the amazing deals on accommodation and other amenities on Hotwire.

  • Hotel Valle del Rio in SA is a great steal deal for lodging in San Blas Islands. The prices start from $79 per night with free parking, breakfast and free internet.
  • The Beach house in Panama City is available for rent at $64 per night. You will be provided with free parking and internet facility within the resort premises.


Lofoten Islands

These islands in Norway are famous for the fishing islands. The most important fact about the region is it is the land of the midnight sun, and the scenic beauty of mountains and snow-laden peaks adds to the beauty of the area.

The offers available on Hotwire are here as follows.

  • Vestfjord Hotell is situated at a distance of 14 miles from the central location of the island. The accommodation starts from $136 per night, and all the necessary amenities are available here.


Fernando de Noronha

For all the nature lovers and birdwatchers, this island in Brazil is the ultimate paradise for beach lovers. The marine life and fauna of the island are worth enjoying. These islands are a set of 21 islands with all the natural resources that you can think of. Here are some of the deals on Airbnb for the islands.

  • Casa da Lu is a set of two suites suitable for two guests and can be rented for $52 per night.



If there is an ideal book for remote islands on this earth, Molokai in Hawaii will be cut. You must be looking for a great place in the lap of nature for your next vacation, but not so far that you are almost away from human settlement. For all such criteria, Molokai will prove to be the best option for you.

  • Check out Castle Molokai shores that are available for $119 per night situated at a distance of 4.8 miles from the central district. This deal is available on Hotwire.


Los Roques

This archipelago in Venezuela is a major attraction for the region situated at a distance of about 80 miles from the mainland country. If you are a seafood lover and a bird watcher, then this island would be an absolute delight for you to visit. Here is the best deal on Airbnb for the place.

  • Check out Posada Paraiso Azul II with all the amenities within the premises within the price of $110 per night after a massive discount.


Finding tickets, accommodation, and food while planning a vacation is more than obvious. However, the expensive prices often force us to dump the idea. However, you can do the same and save money with the help of some coupons and offers on sites like Hotwire, Airbnb, Trivago, etc. that will bring the best prices. Just keep an eye on these websites and avail the maximum benefits through their mind-blowing deals!


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