It may look traditional on the outside, but inside, the London Edition hotel is the pinnacle of modern chic. Another fab hotel brought to you by uber hotelier baron Ian Schrager, (aka one half of the duo who brought Studio 54 to NYC, the most iconic club of all time)  the 173 room establishment offers up a myriad of good reasons never to even leave the building. Here they are, in no particular order.


Simplicity is key. Rooms are not huge, but the oak floors are beyond gorgeous, the beds are extra wide and graced with some of the most sumptuous sheets you could imagine. Extra touches like funky flip switches for the lighting system, and paintings that showcase a nouveau take on Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring define the hotel as one like no other you’ll find in London. The bathrooms, ablaze in all white, have the best lighting ever witnessed for getting ready for a night on the town.


A cavernous space of good taste, good lighting and good looking people – from the staff to the clientele. Floor to ceiling is dripping with gold framed paintings and photographs, and food is courtesy of Jason Atherton, a former member of the Gordon Ramsay chef posse.  Described by The Guardian as ‘a tingly mix of fun and fabulousness,’  Berner’s feels like a 19th century Parisian salon – but just a lot more fun.



Dark and discerning and of course requires a reservation for a cocktail or two. The bar, hidden in the back of the hotel, reminds one of a library bar, and specializes in (surprise!) punches served for 2, 4, 6, or 8 people, crafted with liquors such as the gin infused EDITION Punch with jasmine tea and oak moss. While usually the idea of punch conjures up the umbrella cocktails of Trader Vic’s, the Punch Room’s take is anything but – instead it is the pinnacle of suave infused with sultry staff and chic surroundings, and not a hula dancer or tiki hut in sight.



Service these days, sometimes seems a bit of a lost art. But the London Edition gets it right from top to bottom. Every waiter, hostess, front desk clerk and bellboy has been educated – and well – in the fine art of customer service. They are courteous, friendly, and chic, without a hint of attitude, making one’s stay at the London not only a restorative respite, but a happy one.

The London Edition, 10 Berners Street, London, W1T 3NP UK
Ph: 020 7781 0000

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