From exotic Thailand to the pristine French Rivera, we are always searching for the world’s most beautiful and unique destinations. As always, getting pampered at a luxurious spa is a top priority. Here are our ten incredible spas from around the globe for you to try.

1.Victoria Jung-Frau, Interlaken

Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa, Interlaken - Switzerland Tourism

Located in beautiful Interlaken Switzerland, this five star luxury spa provides panoramic views of the Jungfrau Massif mountains on the outside while creating a beautifully aesthetic scene indoors. From aromatherapy massages, personal training sessions, and hair removal, this spa has the total comprehensive health and relaxation package you are looking for on vacation. There is even a salon and of course one of the finest restaurants and bars in all of Switzerland, no better way to end the day.

2. Panpuri Organic Spa, Sydney


Panpuri Organic Spa, now named Six Star Spa in Sydney, Australia exemplifies an Indonesian- inspired retreat and uses everything organic! The dark, enchanting rooms of this spa invite those who desire a sensual and mesmerizing experience. The Mali Moonlight Massage is the signature treatment, which combines Thai massage, aromatherapy, and even reiki practices to take you further into bliss.

3. Assawan Spa, Dubai


Perfect for travelers who want to experience a bit of Middle Eastern culture while melting into this spa’s ESPA and La Prairie treatments. The interior is beautifully designed resembling hammans and body baths that are spread throughout the Middle East. Paired with the Assawan Amphitheatre, an outdoor balcony with a gorgeous view, this spa does not disappoint with one-of-a-kind caviar facial and body treatments.

4. Viva Mayr, Austria


If weight loss is one of your lifetime goals (isn’t it always?), then Viva Mayr might be the choice for you. Located at beautiful Lake Worthersee in Austria, each meal is carefully thought out and prepared by medical directors who make sure you chew every bite. Following the rules is a must which includes no caffeine, no alcohol, no snacking, and eating only what is provided. By the end of your retreat, you will surely be a bit more svelte, not to mention relaxed, and recharged.


5. Life Day Spa, Cape Town


With its sleek, modern design featuring a swimming pool surrounded by a viewing wall of glass, Life Day Spa embodies a smooth, urban feel that creates a sense of secret luxury at the top of CapeTown. Known for their flotation room made up of saltwater from the springs, this is the ultimate destination for rejuvenation. With spectacular views of Table Mountain, this spa provides earthy luxury treatments including wraps, scrubs, and massages.

6. Gran Hotel du Cap Ferrat, French Rivera


Filled with lush gardens overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Gran Hotel du Cap Ferrat is a prime location in Europe to unwind. The beautifully designed gardens provide an enchanting view of the water while you experience your al fresco spa treatment of choice – an excellent find for those who want a pristine spa atmosphere while avoiding tourists.

7. The W Spa, Vieques


Nothing better than experiencing all that the pure island of Vieques has to offer. From its Bioluminescent Bay tours to the luxurious W Retreat & Spa, Vieques is the perfect, undiscovered island to recharge. Featuring custom made scrubs blended to perfection with ingredients such as gemstone crystals, noni fruit, and organic seaweed, you simply cannot go wrong with any body treatment of choice.

8. Four Seasons Chiang Mai Spa, Bangkok


Embrace your inner guru and find harmony at this exotic temple in the heart of Thailand. All treatments are based from ancient Thai rituals and use native herbs, spices, and fragrances. This spa will rejuvenate your body while calming your mind. Chakra rituals will take you one step closer to mastering meditation while yoga classes will help you find Namaste.

9. Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, Iceland


Known to relieve stress and health ailments, the steaming hot springs at the Blue Lagoon take guests to a unique world not only by beauty, but by sensation as well. The blue waters contain minerals such as silica, sulfur, and algae while cultivating a magical experience. Offering free silica mud to lather on your body as well as massages, cleanses, and other exfoliators, Blue Lagoon provides a steamy heaven that cannot be found elsewhere.

10. La Mamounia, Marrakech


One of this country’s most sought after spas, you will experience your choice of Moroccan luxury from three hammams, six outdoor massage cabins, an indoor pool, and nine treatment rooms. The high ceilings, picturesque mosaic tiles, and ornate marble create a lavish setting that fits right in with their exclusive treatments. La Mamounia uses Shisedo, marocMaroc, and La Ric to balance your skin to perfection.

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