There are a few people in this world who have a great energy surrounding themselves; one of those is rising star, actress Christina Wren. You might recognize her from blockbuster hits like Man of Steel and the sequel Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice starring alongside Henry Cavill and Harry Lennix. When Christina isn’t acting, she is producing, writing, and designing with husband Demetrius Wren. Together they own the production company Two Kids with a Camera, and together their work focuses on highlighting voices and communities that are under represented in the media in a grounded and entertaining fashion.

CHRISTINA WREN Woven Tassel Gown: Rouba G; Diamond and Citrine Ring: Rosalina Lydster

Woven Tassel Gown: Rouba G; Diamond and Citrine Ring: Rosalina Lydster

We sat down with Ms. Wren, and discussed her production company, growing up in Pittsburgh, and what’s next for this up and comer.

Woven Tassel Gown: Rouba G

Woven Tassel Gown: Rouba G

Destination Luxury:  Tell us a little more about yourself other than what we see onscreen.
Christina Wren:
I grew up in Pittsburgh, as a city kid in a non-profit family and am still really rooted in my community. I love anywhere there’s a vibrant multicultural exchange. I’m a mixed kid myself,so being in the middle of all kinds of people, industries, passions is what I most love.

Destination Luxury:  What do you love most about your job?
Christina Wren: When I was a little girl, my idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up changed daily. As an actor, I get to learn about and experience so many lives, so many careers and dreams with each character I take on and that is really delightful. I’ve played an officer in the Air Force, an astrophysicist, a seismologist – each role comes with fascinating research and the joy of embodying these women in particularly heightened moments in their lives. I started acting when I was eight years old in a children’s theater and honestly, didn’t think it could turn into a career until much later in life. It was just what I always did for fun, where my passions were.

Destination Luxury:  You own a production company with your husband. Are there any projects you are particularly proud of that people should know about?
Christina Wren: I’m really proud of building our little company from the ground up and continuing to make it work creatively and for our clients over the last five years. We never had seed funding; we’re a little engine-that-could and have always committed to making our art with whatever resources we can muster! Right now, I’m particularly proud of and excited for an upcoming feature film as well as an upcoming comedy series that we’re in pre-production on!

The film is called The Rehabilitation of the Hill District, by Gwendolyn Livingston and will be produced in Pittsburgh’s Hill District in the spring of 2017 along with Steeltown Entertainment Project. It’s going to be a really exciting film in both the unique process through which it’s being made as well as the content and how it relates to developing urban centers today.  The other is entitled Hicksters, essentially a modern day “Green Acres” where the city couple moving to the farm happens to be an African American man and an Arab American woman! It’s a fun, lighthearted comedy of errors set on a cow farm. I mean, what could be more fun than that? 🙂

Black Corset: Agent Provocateur

Black Corset: Agent Provocateur

Destination Luxury: Let’s talk beauty. What are some of your favorite beauty and skincare brands? What is your routine?
Christina Wren: My routine is fairly simple – stay clean and moisturized! Malin and Goetz has a wonderful facial moisturizer that I love, especially since moving to Los Angeles where it is so dry! It keeps my skin in great shape despite the dry heat. John Masters Organics makes a Pomegranate Nourishing Oil – I mix a few drops in with the moisturizer at night and it’s perfect.  Fancy I Naturals has a great face wash and I like Clean and Clear’s Morning Burst cleanser for exfoliation!

Woven Tassel Gown: Rouba G; Diamond and Citrine Ring: Rosalina Lydster; Purple Suede "BOW" Sandal Heels: RUTHIE DAVIS

Woven Tassel Gown: Rouba G; Diamond and Citrine Ring: Rosalina Lydster; Purple Suede “BOW” Sandal Heels: RUTHIE DAVIS

Destination Luxury:  There are many celebrity diets and workouts. How do you stay fit?
Christina Wren: I take a lot of walks and drink a lot of water. I go to the gym sometimes but I get bored easily. Taking walks feels more like going on an adventure, exploring – even if it’s just around my neighborhood! I try to trick myself by doing things like squats while I brush my teeth, random stretching here and there. It’s easier for me to tie activity in throughout my day then set aside “gym time” for the most part.

Destination Luxury:  Looking through your social media everyone can see you visited some amazing places. What are some of your favorites?
Christina Wren: Oh man, I just love traveling and want to go everywhere! But I love Italy. I could move to Italy and be a happy woman. Everything is a feast for the senses – the food, the coffee, the art, the architecture, the fashion, the language – I feel so alive everywhere I go!

Woven Tassel Gown: Rouba G;

Woven Tassel Gown: Rouba G;

Destination Luxury:  What are some of your favorite hotels?
Wren: I like finding local gems, when possible. I then get to have a unique experience – it’s usually run by locals and feels like a special taste of where I am vs. a replication of an experience one could have anywhere.

Destination Luxury:  Are you a foodie? What are some of your fave restaurants?
Christina Wren: I love Balade in New York City. Fantastic Lebanese food that feels like home. One of my childhood best friends introduced me to it and my husband also threw me a surprise birthday party there a few years ago with all of our friends – even my family from Pittsburgh came up – so my memories there are also really special. Also great Lebanese food with fond memories is Mediterranean Grill in Pittsburgh – they treat us like family!

Madiba in Brooklyn has amazing South African food and since Demetrius and I started dating because of our documentary in SA, again, it brings back such good memories. Food, environment, senses and memories coming to life – those are what makes the best meals, in my mind. (In L.A) I love Madera in Hollywood, Factory Kitchen in the Arts District downtown, and the Guerilla Taco truck – does that count?

Feather Strapless Dress: Katyusha Couture; Caviar Ring: Rosalina Lydster; Black and Silver Tipped Heels: O'Jour

Feather Strapless Dress: Katyusha Couture; Caviar Ring: Rosalina Lydster; Black and Silver Tipped Heels: O’Jour

Destination Luxury: What are 3 things on your bucket list?
Wren: Travel as much as possible for as long as possible. I’d love to live in Europe for a little while. I always imagine that quintessential flat above a bakery in Paris – I’d love to experience that for a season. And have some babies. I’d like to be a mama one day.
Feather Strapless Dress: Katyusha Couture

Feather Strapless Dress: Katyusha Couture

Destination Luxury: With all of the traveling you have done thus far, you must have some great pieces in your closet. You have a favorite item right now?
Christina Wren: I splurged on a pair of (still super discounted!) Prada boots when in Milan. I’m usually a total bargain shopper so these were a special find!

Feather Strapless Dress: Katyusha Couture; Caviar Ring: Rosalina Lydster; Black and Silver Tipped Heels: O'Jou

Feather Strapless Dress: Katyusha Couture; Caviar Ring: Rosalina Lydster; Black and Silver Tipped Heels: O’Jou

Destination Luxury:  We all have role models in our lives, people that inspire us to continue to do the things that we do. Who are your role models?
Christina Wren: My parents are really amazing human beings. They are selfless and generous and have committed their lives to caring for other people, taking on the emotional and physical strain in order to be of service to others. It’s incredibly inspiring.

Destination Luxury:  What are your plans for the future?
Christina Wren: Maybe start checking off some of those bucket list goals! Paris, I see you!

Custom Beaded and Mesh Cocktail Dress: Rouba;<br /> Black and Gold "TROPHY" Platform: RUTHIE DAVIS

Custom Beaded and Mesh Cocktail Dress: Rouba;
Black and Gold “TROPHY” Platform: RUTHIE DAVIS

Destination Luxury: You have a jewelry line called “T on Tuesdays”, what is your design aesthetic and your inspiration behind your collection? Is there a website that we are able to purchase from?
Christina Wren: I have always loved making jewelry. It started as a small thing as a kid, making friendship bracelets, and just grew from there. It’s more of an outlet for me to just be creative. As an actor and producer, I have to think a lot about marketing and trends and pitching and selling myself, etc. etc. Jewelry is a place where I just let myself be an artist, to play, to get lost in the physical activity and the flow of the process.

Most of what I’m drawn to aesthetically involves combining textures and pieces that don’t seem like they should go together to craft a new story. I use a lot of antique beads and African trade beads, some handmade pieces – pieces like that have been worn before, have traveled the world, carry stories with them and then, in my hands, become something new. I just love that. I want everyone who wears a Tea on Tuesdays piece to feel a sense of history, of adventure, of being a wild spirit. As far as purchasing, most of my work lives on my Etsy shop, which you can find at And since you’re featuring Tea on Tuesdays, Destination Luxury readers can use the code DestLuxe15 for 15% off of their next order!

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