Air Partner is a private aviation company whose success is a result of their dedication to providing high quality, tailored charter solutions to their customers.¬†Destination Luxury had the unique opportunity to speak with Air Partner’s Group Marketing Director,¬†Julia Timms, to get more insight on the company.

Destination Luxury: What distinguishes the services Air Partner offers from other private jet companies?

Julia Timms: Air Partner’s global expertise and experience, exceptional safety practices, innovative solutions and financial stability have continuously made them the first choice for Fortune 500 companies, governments, and private individuals. As part of the company’s Private Jet division and rated the industry’s most flexible program for four consecutive years by Conklin & de Decker, Air Partner’s JetCard program offers simple pre-paid flight hours with fully refundable account balances and flight credit that never expires. The JetCard program has no blackout dates, and funds can either be purchased by the hour or by placing funds on a personal account, which sets the JetCard apart from competitors.

Safety is the biggest priority at Air Partner.  Air Partner’s requirements for total hours and time and type, per crew member, are the highest in the industry. Air Partner is also the only company providing specific air evacuation planning for any type of industry or organization. We provide contingency planning for air evacuations that fit into existing plans, or we can create stand-alone plans that can be implemented immediately by our 24/7 dedicated response team. Air Partner moves thousands of travelers each year and manages various complex missions year-round on private and commercial jets, and as our Hurricane Evacuation Program and Emergency Planning Division demonstrates, we have a broad scope of logistical abilities.


DLX: What exactly does the JetCard allow you to do?

Timms:¬†JetCard membership offers guaranteed flight availability, transparent pricing, fixed rates, and greater flexibility. A JetCard member can schedule his/her private jet in as few as 12 hours advance notice.¬† Hourly rates are fixed according to the membership type, cabin size, and service areas. Additionally, there are no hidden fees, and pricing includes aircraft, crew, landing fees, fuel surcharges, de-icing, taxes, and catering. Private jet membership also allows upgrades between aircraft cabin categories without additional surcharges ‚Äď JetCard members simply pay the hourly rate for the requested cabin category.AIR PARTNER

DLX: What are the differences between a regular JetCard and a JetCard Sterling?

Timms:¬†Our JetCard offers the newest aircraft on the market, model year 2000 or newer, while JetCard Sterling features a variety of aircraft, with model year 1994 or newer, average ten years. Unlike others, our JetCard Sterling aircraft models have a ‚Äúhard stop‚ÄĚ at 1994.


DLX: What inspired the new Sky to Sea offer?

Timms: Both companies are leaders and are well-known for their exceptional service. This partnership helps us fully deliver an integrated experience for our clients’ air and sea-based travel needs, further enhancing the level of service that we offer. We are also expecting that in 2018, clientele will be seeking new travel solutions that go above and beyond to service clients as a one-stop luxury shop, and it’s important that we are always looking ahead to provide this new generation of clients an all-encompassing experience for their luxury travel needs.


DLX: What are some benefits of private aviation over commercial aviation?

Timms: The flexibility and power to create a travel itinerary that fits a traveler’s unique schedule are some of the top benefits of private aviation. Private flyers also save time without the hassle of TSA screenings and long check-in queues, as well as avoid the inconvenience of larger commercial airports with access to private terminals in airports closest to their final destination. Air Partner makes the experience of flying privately seamless.


DLX: What is your favorite destination to fly to with Air Partner?

Timms:¬†Vail, Colorado is one of my favorites to fly to ‚Äď Air Partner has easy access to the Eagle County airport, which makes the trip more convenient, plus Vail is home to great terrain options for skiing.


DLX: How can potential passengers book a trip with Air Partner?

Timms: Those looking to book a group charter, freight service, or private jet, can contact Air Partner 24/7 by calling 1-888-247-7278, or submit a request by visiting Interested in JetCard? Find out membership details for joining us at


Images Courtesy of Air Partner.


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