Many people enjoy traveling to far off places. Sometimes we wish to carry pets along on these trips. There is no better pet and a friend to humans than dogs. Dogs adapt to every habitat and situation presented to them. They can be the best fellow travelers to keep us engaged and relaxed in solo traveling.


The dilemma of carrying a furry friend brings everything else that you need to carry. We want to make sure our fellow passenger is comfortable in the minimum luggage possible. 


It is not easy to predict everything that our dog will need during traveling. We have to take care of many aspects like the weather, traveling medium, stay, food served, etc. Accordingly, we should pack dog clothing, bowls, bedding, and emergency medicines. Here are six essential things to pack while traveling with dogs. 

  • Dog Crate 


A pet carrier comes in handy while traveling. It is ideal for both short and long journeys. These carriers ensure that the pet is safe, secure, and comfortable even in the most uncomfortable journey. 


They are smartly designed with more than one entry door to avoid the hustle. 


Also, dog crates ensure ample ventilation and visibility for the pet. They also come with additional security features which ensure the safety of our pet. 


Sometimes you cannot take a pet along to important business meetings or places where pets are not allowed. In these cases, when you have to leave them at the hotel, dog crates come with immense help. It is much safer to secure them in a dog crate. This way, they will not cause any trouble to the hotel staff who may come in for room service in your absence. 

  • Harness 


For road trips, it is necessary to secure pets with a harness. Some people even prefer car seats for dogs as an alternative. Harnesses ensure that your pet is safe and adds comfort to it during long journeys. 


A harness gives more room and freedom to pets. They allow us to take our pets on walks and hikes. Harnesses, leash, collars, or dog clothing can also contain the owner’s contact details and address in case of an emergency. 


A GPS tracker can be installed in the harness or collar to assist the owner if the dog goes missing. This allows the owner to be a little carefree during the trip. 

  • Poop Bag 


Nature’s call is unpredictable and frequent in the case of most dogs. We need to take the utmost care of cleanliness while traveling. Therefore, it is wise to carry poop bags on our journey. 


You should carry a stash of poop bags to clean up after the pet. This will save you from embarrassment on crucial business trips, air travel, and train journeys. In the case of road trips, carrying poop bags will save your car from getting dirty.

  • Food, Water, and Treats


Journeys can be long and tiring. So, it is essential to keep the pets hydrated and their appetite full. Avoid feeding the pet during or right before the journey if they suffer from motion/car sickness. But if that is not a problem, you should carry food, water, and other treats to keep pets comfortable. 


All dogs require different meals and essential vitamins according to their health, allergies, and taste. Feeding dogs can be a big task for a few owners, but it can be easy for others. 


It is wise to carry dry food and snacks during trips to avoid spilling of food in the vehicle. We can also carry toys to keep our pets busy and occupied during the journey. 

  • Collapsible Bowls 


Always carry bowls that do not slip and tip easily. Collapsible bowls can be folded when not required. Besides being lightweight, durable, and easy to carry, these collapsible bowls are dishwasher safe and comparatively cheap, and occupy less space. Nowadays, many BPA free, lead-free, and contain food-grade silicone bowls are available in the market. 


They are also available in a variety of colors and provide a change from the usually stainless-steel bowl. Besides, they are convenient to use and store. 

  • First Aid kit and Medicines


A first aid kit comes in handy when traveling. It saves you from the stress and strain in case your pets receive injuries during travel. 


A few things essential in a dog first aid kit are bandages, scissors, and a thermometer. 




A primary intention of packing things for pets while traveling is to make sure that it feels homely and convenient. You need to ensure that the pet is comfortable and homely on the journey. If you have ample space and time, carrying pet toys and bedding is also a good idea. The happiness of a dog allows a family to enjoy and relax while traveling. Making a checklist before packing can ultimately make the journey more comfortable for your dogs.


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