If you are working toward a goal and you aren’t getting the results you want, it means you need to change up what you are doing. You can’t expect different results if you do the same thing over and over. Throughout my professional career as a photographer over the past 20 years, I’ve learned through trial and error. When something worked, I continued doing it until it stopped working. Once it stopped, I analyzed the problem and tried a new solution to fix my problem to get to the next level.

Through my health and fitness journey, I hit a plateau going from 185 pounds to 165 pounds. I stayed around 165 for 3 months with no changes to my body. I wasn’t making any progress even though I was working out every day and eating “healthy.” I really wanted to take my body to the next level so I decided to make a change.
I started working with my friend @vegantyler. We’ve known each other since 2006…I actually met him when he first moved here from Norway and I took him to his first Oscars Party. He had a clothing company called Moods of Norway. Both of us had gotten caught up in the party scene and put on more weight than we wanted. I saw that he transformed his body so I asked him to coach me to optimize my fitness levels.
He suggested that I change up my workouts so I’ve been trying to mix it up with different activities. I’ve picked up rollerblading recently (@rollerblade) which has been amazing for working out my legs and core. I got the @rollerblade Endurance 110 and I’ve been skating 5 to 10 miles on the beach…it’s been incredible. I’ve also been doing friction training with the @flowinofficial board, swimming 50 laps with 10 pushups after each lap, @bfr_bands cable training, trampolining with @jumpsportfitness and more!
It’s been a month working with Vegan Tyler and I see my body change every day which is incredibly motivating. My mind is clear, my body is burning fat and my body is getting toned. I have so much more energy and I’m so much more productive than I was before.
It’s easy to start off at something and suck and it. Through practice, you become average but then you hit that plateau. In order to become better than average at something, you need to put in the hard work to reach that next level. It always helps to have someone there to look over you from an objective standpoint to tell you what you’re doing wrong and to motivate you.
Kobe couldn’t do it without Phil Jackson. Tom Brady couldn’t do it without his mental coach Alex Guerrero. If you are trying to achieve greatness, you need that extra push to get you going. It doesn’t matter how talented you are at something, you need a coach. The success will release endorphins and motivate you to take it to the next level. You can apply this to any aspect of your life – financial, creative, style, skincare – you name it. Just go where the experts are they will tell you how to do it!
So, If you’re in a plateau and you want to get out of it, do something about it! Find that expert or that coach to bring you to excellence. When it comes to health and fitness, there is so much information out there that its hard to navigate. I want to focus my efforts on something that works, guaranteed!
Since I’ve been working with @vegantyler, I’ve gone from 165 to 158 pounds. I went from 16% body fat to 11%. My goal is to lose my body fat so that my abs will show and then build muscle from there. Do you have any fitness/nutrition tips you can share? Leave a comment below. Thanks for following my fitness journey!
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