It’s important to thoroughly plan your first trip to the USA before you go. Planning your trip can make sure you get the best deals and won’t get caught out by anything such as medical bills. The holiday of your dreams is just a plan away!

Get A Visa

You will need a visa if you are travelling to the USA from abroad, so make sure you do your research as you don’t want to get caught out when you arrive in America as it could get messy and potentially ruin your trip. Research what you need for the country you’re coming from. However, if you’re finding it difficult, you can ask a travel agent for some advice.

Book Flights

Obviously, you’re going to have to buy plane tickets to get to the USA, but there are some tricks to get them cheaper. It’s best to book your flights in advance rather than at the last minute; you find that this will make it cheaper. Depending on where you are travelling from, you can plan your trip so that you have layovers which can sometimes make it cheaper. However, it can be hard to organise and also makes the process of travelling a little more complicated. If money isn’t an issue, you can get your travel agents to organise the simplest method to get you to the USA and your accommodation.

Get Insurance

Medical bills in the USA are extremely expensive, especially if you were to end up having to have major surgery. It’s not nice to think of the worst-case scenario when planning a trip, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you research the best insurance companies in case the worst does happen.

Decide on Transport

There is a lot of public transport available in cities such as New York and Chicago. However, it might be worth thinking about renting a car if you are thinking of travelling to more remote areas of the USA, such as National Parks. The longer you rent a car for, the cheaper it is per day. Also, bear in mind that if you are under 25, you are charged more for car rentals as you are classed as a young driver. Make sure to double-check car rental conditions too. You can also look for country concerts near me this weekend.

Plan What You Are Going to Do

It’s best to create an itinerary before you travel so that you can make the most of your time while you’re on your trip. There are so many things to do so, decide what is most important to you and go from there, try to book activities, such as the theatre, sports or concerts, before you arrive and to see what’s on when you’re there.

Decide on Accommodation

Accommodation will depend a lot on your budget, but there will be accommodation choices that a variety of people can afford. Hostels are cheap but they do lack luxury. You could choose to stay in an Airbnb, these are cheap and can vary in their quality and whether you can find a good deal. If money isn’t an issue, hotels are your best bet.

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