Distracted driving is a significant killer in the United States. The victims of distracted driving include pedestrians, children, bikers, and more. In fact, nearly 3000 innocent people are killed each year by a distracted driver.

In today’s digital era, there are so many distractions. Some drivers age caught up texting or reading social media. Others are distracted by music or trying to eat while operating the vehicle.

Read on discover distracted driving statistics that will shock you. These statistics on distracted driving are certain to help you change any bad habits.

Defining Distracted Driving

Before diving into distracted driving death statistics, it is important to explain the issue. Distracted driving occurs when you take your eyes off the road to do something other than driving.

It also includes taking one of your hands off the wheel. Driving with one hand or a knee impairs your ability to safely operate the vehicle.

Distracted Driving Examples

There appears to be an endless list of distractions that plague today’s drivers. The most dangerous distraction is using your cell phone while driving. An alarming number of drivers are texting or even reading social media while operating the vehicle.

Others are distracted by the vehicle’s entertainment system. While driving, they are adjusting the radio or a Bluetooth-enabled device.

Some drivers try to eat a sandwich on the road. Others may be trying to calm down a screaming baby in the backseat. Regardless of the situation, there is no good justification or reason for distracted driving. Instead, those involved in a distracted driving accident better start looking for the best car accident attorneys immediately.

Distracted Driving Statistics

Now it is time to show exactly how deadly distracted driving is. In 2018, there were 2,841 people killed in distraction-affected accidents.

These fatal accidents disproportionately affect teenagers. Teenagers aged 15-19 account for 6.5% of the total United States population. Many states do not allow teenagers to drive until they are at least 17 years old.

With that being said, 9% of all distraction-affected fatal car accidents involve a teenager. The crash rate per mile is 1.5 times higher for teenagers than other adult drivers.

Teenage males are a greater risk than their female counterparts. In fact, they are two times more likely to get in a fatal accident than a female teenager. Each day, there are roughly 1000 injuries related to a distraction-affected accident.

While these stats are sobering, there is some good news to report. It appears that marketing campaigns to reduce distracted driving are working.

In 2015, there were 3,477 people killed in distracted driving accidents. This means that the 2,841 fatalities in 2018 were an 18% reduction.

A Recap of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a threat to you and your loved ones. This fact is especially true if your family includes an inexperienced teenage driver.

The best way to buck these alarming trends is to eliminate distractions. Put your cell phone away and set the radio before you leave.

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