Are you searching for a professional online photo editor? Whether it is your first time or you are an expert, you will need to edit your images before posting them to your photo page. This guide will introduce you to the best photo editing site: Fotor editor. This editing site will assist to focus and capture a clear photo, highlight critical areas, and transform a normal photo into something truly amazing. The site also offers many incredible features and tools such as editing photos, design greeting cards, and creating collage pictures.

Ways to make greeting cards.

Fotor’s cards offer a unique feature that helps you convey personalized messages and display your favorite pictures. The numerous card templates available on the site makes it easy to create a customized invitation card and image cards. This helps you unleash your creativity and earn the benefits of this beautiful card design tool. Fotor is a free invitation card maker that lets you design greeting cards something significant to your friends or family members. Review from a selection of sizes, design choices, and backgrounds to create a welcome card that you will not find in any shop. Regardless of whether you are making a birthday, wedding, commemoration, or new baby’s card. You can quickly send a sincere message that will never be copied. To start the design, first, click the Post button from the main menu and key-in the initial message. You don’t have to be worried, because you still have another chance to change this message later on before you download your invitation card. Once you are on the design page, you can quickly make the changes and view how it looks.

Create college photos.

During this time of selfies, you must be taking many pictures when travelling, enjoying the holiday or participating in some unique events. But have you found an excellent and inventive approach to store them? After all, the best and easiest way to protect these delicious memories year-round is to make an impressive collage maker online.

How to create an impressive photo collage

Create a blank page and do collage setting

If you are adding another page, select the new menu, and then select the Set key at the top of the work area to set up the collage. Load the photos you want to use and match them according to photo background.

Add and edit photos

Copy and put your images to where you want to organize in the collage. Immediately you click on a picture, the image edit feature shows up alerting you to crop, rotate, resize, and shadow the images without any restrictions. In addition to these basal changes, you can get different image covers that are provided to retouch images. Double-Tap your preferred case. It will be included in your selected picture.

Decorate the collage with beautiful embellishments

Turn to the main menu Decorate Collage, and you will see bright and highest quality embellishments on the site. With only a few clicks, you will change your collage into a fantastic work of art by inserting progressively beautiful images, stamps, work, and discarding them creatively. Each embellishment can be independently adjusted, for example, the content; you can configure the font, the size, the shading, the highlighting, the appearance, the drag and the texture. However, you should consider the style of the collection by selecting the word art and shading. Fotor editor includes a variety of embellishments to aid you to create a custom image collage. But you can also download decorations on the web and utilize them in the collage creator.

Tips for photo collage:

  1. Use the up or down key to select a suitable text style and an actual-time preview at the correct workspace.
  2. You can keep opening the Doodle tab and draw anything you need and then include it as customized embellishment.

Save your collages

If you have made different pages in a task, you can decide to save and print them. Just review them and pick a path, graphic design and fantastic collages will be sent to you in a few minutes. Or print and consolidate them in a photo book to tell all your Christmas stories.

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