Diamonds are very precious and used in making jewelry.  Diamond is available in different shapes and cuts. There are a number of instruments and techniques available in the market that has helped man to achieve unique diamond cuts.  There are certain diamond cut types that further increase the brilliance of the diamond.  Let’s take a look at some of the best diamond cut types:


It is a unique diamond cut and was created in 1910. It looks like emerald cut stone and square in shape, but has its unique characteristics. Such a cut is often used for making vintage diamond rings.


The flower diamond cut was created in 1986. In this type of cut, unconventional cutting angles and dimensions are made to give it the appearance of a flower. This type of diamond cut is available in different types of flower shapes such as sunflower, dahlia, rose, etc.


This diamond cut is triangular in shape. The diamond cut has over 50 facets and it is used by the people with a high budget. This type of diamond is quite highly priced in the market as compared to the normal diamond cuts.

Oval cut diamonds

This type of diamond cut was made in the late 1950s.  It was made as an alternative to the round cut diamond type. It gives a unique shape to the diamond.  It is elongated in shape and even smaller oval cuts appear larger than the other diamond cuts of the same weight.

Princess cut

Princess cut diamond types are known for their exceptional brilliance. This diamond cut type is available in square and rectangular shapes.  Princess cut diamonds show a unique color. Most diamonds display the color in the center, but this diamond cut type displays the color even at the corners.

Emerald Cut

This diamond cut types have a unique optical appearance. You can see the diamond’s original clarity in this type of cut. The cut has a large rectangular table which gives a unique color and the appearance of the diamond.


The pear-shaped diamond cut is formed by combining round and marquise cuts. The slender pear shape will give a slimmer appearance to your fingers. It gives a soft and delicate look. This diamond cut types produce maximum brilliance of the diamond.

There are still a large number of traditional and beautiful diamonds cut types available in the market. The round cut is the most popular diamond cut.  There are four Cs that should be kept in mind before you purchase diamond jewelry. You should get the best color, clarity, cut, and carat. Compare the prices on the online stores as well as near the local jewelry stores.  You can buy different diamond cut types at a better price from an online store. But, make sure that you choose a reputable and trusted online store for buying a diamond cut for your needs. Check the certificate, guarantee, and other details of the jeweler before buying diamond jewelry from an online store.  

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