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Did you know that 77 percent of Americans face so much stress that they start getting physical symptoms? The same data showed that some of the most common causes included issues with money, work, and political situations.

If you don’t get a handle on stress, you risk more than just feeling overwhelmed and tired. Chronic stress can lead to serious problems with your heart, mental health, and blood sugar control.

Try out some of these seven relaxation tips to feel calmer and more under control.

  1. Start Moving Around More

While stress may make you feel tired, one of the best tips to help you relax involves actually moving around more.

This can mean taking a 30-minute walk daily and relaxing with some of your favorite music along the way. You can also try swimming or doing yoga.

  1. Try Deep Breathing Exercises

When stressed, you’ll find that you often take shallower, faster breaths that don’t help calm you.

Taking slow, deep breaths where you inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth is one of the best tips to relax anxiety. You can try counting andĀ doing five breaths this way when stressed.

  1. Look Into CBD Oil

If you want to know how to relax with a natural substance, look no further than CBD oil.

Taking a few drops by mouth can help calm you down and won’t make you feel high or uncomfortable. You can get more informationĀ on how to relax with CBD oil and decide whether it wouldĀ suit you.

  1. Try Visualization Exercises

Have you ever triedĀ envisioning a peaceful forest or a beautiful beach with the waves roaring?

Such visualization exercises can calm you down and even make it easier to sleep. You can find apps for your phone that offer a variety of guided visual tours.

  1. Get a Massage

Sometimes what you need is a niceĀ message from a loved one or professional masseuse to help melt your stress away. You can also buy personal massager devices to give yourself a massage.

In any case, you can make the experience even more relaxing with some scented oils on your body or candles nearby.

  1. Take Up Meditation

Always having a busy mind gives you little time to relax and can increase your stress levels.

Learning to meditate on the present moment and enjoy the peace of just watching each breath you take can go a long way. When meditating, resist the urge to think about your worries or obligations.

  1. Try Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Do your nerves keep you awake at night? If so, try relaxing your muscles from your toes to your head when you lie down.

You can do this by tensing your muscles up for a few seconds, relaxing them for a longer period of time, and then doing the same process a few times.

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These Relaxation Tips Can Go a Long Way

The next time you feel stressed and aggravated, turn to some of these relaxation tips. To keep things interesting, mix up some of these options and try new ones periodically.

If you feel you just can’t control your stress and relax, consider talking to a doctor about other options. For example, you may benefit from therapy or medication.

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