Since the popularity of vape juices have only increased, so have the brands, designs, and flavors! This is excellent news for those who love trying new things and who like to have a variety to choose from. From fruity to menthol, alcoholic flavors to spicy – yes, spicy, there are so many options to try out with a good possibility of finding a new favorite.  So, with that in mind, this piece will discuss some of the flavors you just cannot miss out on!



 TropiCali Vape Flavor by Cali Steam 


 One of the best fruity e-liquids to try, Tropicali by Cali Steam packs a punch when it comes to your five a day! The fruitiest combination of pineapple, mango, strawberry, kiwi, and fruit punch all come through in this vape liquid that will send you to a fruity paradise!



 English Bulldog Vape Flavor by Good Life Vapor


Rated as the best tobacco vape flavor in ZampleBox, the English Bulldog vape flavor offers a strong and robust taste, with woody notes, nutty notes, and a hint of tropical taste. This one is even encouraged to be tried by those who are not a fan of the traditional tobacco flavors. 



Frozen H-Tears Vape Flavor by Mighty Vapors 


 Frozen H-Tears may sound like a strange name for an e-liquid, but do not let that put you off trying it! For those who love candy, this flavor is made up of delicious notes such as an apple watermelon hybrid with berries and is deliciously sweet.


Churros and Ice Cream Vape Flavor by One Up Vapor 


 For those who love their desserts, the Churros and Ice Cream Vape flavor is a must-try!

 With combined notes of fragrant cinnamon, rich cream, and decadent churros, these flavors create the prized dessert of churros and ice cream. This option is perfect for the vapers who do not like a flavor that is too sweet, either!



 OMG So Good Vape Flavor by House Line Alternative 


 Another excellent flavor for the dessert fanatics, this vape juice, does exactly what it says on the bottle – makes you say, “OMG so good!” Infused with flavors such as cream, yummy cheesecake, tasty brown sugar, and cake, this is one indulgent choice, without any of the calories!



Red Alert Vape Flavor by High-Class Line


 Red Alert is a perfect fruity concoction for those who prefer zingy citrus flavors. While this vape juice still has notes of strawberries and freshly picked raspberries, the star of the show is the strong note of tangy citrus, topped up with the flavor of soda. This vape flavor translates to your favorite summer drink all in one hit.


Sour Belt Ice Vape Flavor by One Up Vapor


Last but of course, not least is the Sour Belt Ice vape flavor from One Up Vapor, for those who love a taste sensation and are keen on flavor combos. This vape juice offers a unique taste of menthol, with icy notes, complete with green apple, watermelon, and sour candy apple. If you are into sour sweets, this is not a flavor to miss out on! 





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