We had the great pleasure of meeting Ayelet Weinstein, the founder and CEO of B Hotels & Resorts during the American Lodging Investment Summit who defines and establishes the next generation of lifestyle hotels, inviting guests to revel in self-expression hospitality, and have a unique experience. As their core values highlight their DNA, each hotel defines a unique identity that welcomes today’s business and leisure travelers.

Ayelet Weinstein

Ayelet Weinstein – Founder and CEO of B Hotels and Resorts. Photo courtesy of B Hotels and Resorts.

Ayelet Weinstein, CEO of B Hotels and Resorts, discusses the future plans of renovation and excitement of the established lifestyle brand, and dives into the experiences and entertainment made available to their clientele.

B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale, FL debuted this month an extensive renovation including expanded lobby and meeting space, all 487 guestrooms/suites, and the addition of four food and beverage concepts including Naked Crab and famous Wreck Bar with weekly mermaid shows. Photo courtesy of B Hotels and Resorts.

Destination Luxury: Can you tell us about your hotel group and new developments you have?

Ayelet Weinstein: (For the brand) we play off of “B languages… B indulgent, B happy” –  it’s where you want to be. We have several hotels, most of them in Florida, and a new one just opened. The new property that just unveiled is B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale. B Historic in Savannah, GA unveiled after an extensive renovation in September 2016 (the first B Hotels and Resorts property to open outside of Florida) B Historic Savannah. It’s a very charming destination. And we’re opening one later on this year, on Canal Street, New Orleans.

Destination Luxury: Tell us about your famous mermaid pool and experience.

Ayelet Weinstein: The mermaid show and experience is at The World Famous Wreck Bar at the newly renovated B Ocean Resort, Fort Lauderdale, a historic building originally named the Yankee Clipper and has been there for 60 + years. Wreck Bar, a favorite for locals and travelers since the 1950s. The Wreck Bar was originally designed to resemble an underwater shipwreck highlighted by its expansive aquariums and porthole-shaped views looking into the hotels’ main pool where the bar hosts the MeduSirena Mermaid Show, a live underwater aquatic performance every Friday and Saturday night. The 6:30 pm show is more family-friendly and the 9:30 pm show is the newly launched aquatic burlesque show

Experience the Naked Crab and famous Wreck Bar with weekly mermaid shows. The show depicted was shot at the Wreck Bar. Photo courtesy of B Hotels and Resorts.

Destination Luxury: What makes your brand unique?

Ayelet Weinstein: Our brand promises to deliver an authentic self-expressive hospitality experience. Our commitment is to offer guests a fresh, innovative and unpretentious class of hotels that understand and welcome today’s travelers. We showcase this through our brand DNA. D stands for Destination – we bring elements of the destination into the core of the hotel. N stands for N’Vogue. The design of each hotel is modern, stylish, clever, playful and inspiring bringing attention to detail, as it accentuates the hotel’s physical attributes. And the A stands for Approachability. The venue and services are authentic, comfortable functional and responsive to the guests’ needs, encouraging social interactions and allowing guests to feel at ease.

Currently Banana Bay Resort & Marina in Marathon, FL. (Florida Keys) will transition into a brand property, B Escape and undergo a full renovation and expansion to include restaurant, guestrooms and suites, pool and tiki bar as well as the addition of continental breakfast, water sports, and bike rentals. Photo courtesy of B Hotels and Resorts.

Destination Luxury: What inspires you personally for hospitality? What drives you?

Ayelet Weinstein: It’s about experiencing different places, interacting with people and just living every moment in our life with memories and adventure. It also depends on what your surroundings are; different cities attract different things from music to food and beverage. My passion is to enjoy all of these things when I’m traveling.

Destination Luxury: Tell us about some restaurants you have on your properties.

Ayelet Weinstein: At B Ocean Resort, Fort Lauderdale, we are just opening NAKED CRAB by chef Ralph Pagano. It is a very interesting interpretation of seafood which is one reason you come to this destination. In Savannah, we opened Kitchen 320, a modern, low-country, southern concept. Shrimp and Grits, showcases the southern local flavor, great quality comfort food. Our chef is also local to the destination and incorporates all local farm to table ingredients. It’s a neighborhood destination, not just for hotel guests. It’s a place to eat great food with friends.

Destination Luxury: What are the future plans for the brand?

Ayelet Weinstein: We are coming to all new exciting destinations. We continue to incorporate our design, with new technology. We bring all of what we are known for, to an amazing composition and that’s what lifestyle hospitality is to the brand. Next up, we are unveiling our New Orleans property on Canal Street also in Marathon, Florida Keys. Very charming, very stylish properties that you want to can escape to.

B Hotels & Resorts expands into New Orleans – the historic building located on Canal Street and just a few blocks from the French Quarter was acquired by InSite Group during the end of 2015 and is currently operated as Hotel 504. While maintaining the hotels, symbolic historic elements, the property will undergo a full remodel and will re-launch as B on Canal in mid-2017 including the addition of a restaurant and bar as well as meeting space. Announcement to be made on February 28, 2017, and unveiling Q4 of 2017. Photo courtesy of B Hotels and Resorts.

For reservations go to B Hotels and Resorts.

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