When talking about the best place for travel adventures, it would be difficult not to think of Australia’s great world wonders. This continent boasts one-of-a-kind outdoor scenery and fascinating wildlife. In terms of livability, urban centers can compete against other top cities in the world such as in Asia, North America, and Europe. Australia has 8,222 islands, more than 500 national parks, and up to 10,600 beaches. The East Coast, in particular, has an extensive 4000 km stretch from Melbourne to Cairns. So, with a country rich in culture, stunning views, and great eateries, it is no wonder why Australia has become a dreamland for tourists who want to experience luxury travel.
Shop & Splurge in Aussie’s Best Shopping Centres
Start your trip to the largest city in Australia. Sydney is a popular metropolis for foreign shoppers. It is home to the biggest natural harbor on the planet, which is the Sydney Harbour. The Queen Victoria Building is one of the most famous shopping centers that offer exclusive designer products. Along with high-end retail stores and fine restaurants, there are several art galleries to explore. You can also visit the Sydney Opera House for a lifetime experience. Melbourne is another place to visit while in Australia. When it comes to the travel department, it is side by side with Sydney. Melbourne offers stunning outdoor locations from architectural to cultural highlights.
Take A Grand Tour at the Great Reef
The Great Barrier Reef is another stop you should not miss. It is 25 million years old and considered the largest reef system in the world to date. There are plenty of underwater activities, including snorkeling, fishing, diving, and island hopping. Also, if you want to see the breathtaking Kimberley in Australia, nothing’s more luxurious than to visit by taking a cruise ship. It is a must-see location as it is one of the true wilderness spots in the world. This allows you to see the complex river systems, ochre-coloured gorges, secluded beaches, and rocky shores.
Indulge in Life Time Experiences
When in Australia, you can hop on a private yacht and go island hopping. If you are looking for some finest sailing, the Whitsunday Islands are great recommendations. You have 74 islands to explore, each with majestic scenery, calm seas, and winds. Another way to enjoy Australia is to travel the continent by riding a luxury train. With this, take the unforgettable Ghan train journey, which lasts up to three days to travel from Adelaide to Darwin or vice versa. So be sure to purchase a quality luggage online and invest in durable locks for safe travel. It’s also fun to go to the casino.
Next, have a romantic dining experience at Uluru. Sit above a dune, watch the sunset with background music of didgeridoo, and feast on a degustation under the stars. Of course, make sure to spend a night a luxurious Aussie lodge and resort that offer the best views of the country. If you have never seen baby turtles hatch, then head to Mon Repos Conservation Park and feast your eyes in numerous nests of marine turtles.
Many cities and locations in Australia are not just great destinations, but world-class places to visit. The prices may be high but with everything that it has to offer, it is worth the time and money to spend on your next holiday. It is a paradise for luxury vacationers as well as for foodie and art lovers. So, make the most of your vacation in Australia.
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