One thing that all students agree is that they can’t successfully pass out their academic career without stumbling upon essay writing assignments. Well, that wouldn’t have been an issue if writing an essay was merely a matter of know-how of language and transferring words on the paper. Ah…things would have been so much easier! But as student life is all about troubles, so writing an ace essay is also not easy. You need a stronghold on grammar as well as the ability to build arguments, maintain coherence and conduct analysis to come up with an essay that wins you top scores. And let’s admit: not everyone has these abilities!

But it doesn’t mean that you should live your academic life with the trauma of essay assignments. Fortunately, neither essay writing is rocket science, nor it is a speciality of only expert linguistics. With some guidance, practice, and ‘can-do attitude’, you can also become a good essay writer. Here are given some basic rules that can help you write a valuable essay:


Do Some Basic Research:

People think that essay dawns on good writers just like a revelation. Marvellous words appear like magic in their mind, and they just have to jot them down. That sounds too good to be true! The fact is that expert writers are also remarkable researchers. They do in-depth research on the topic before penning things. They might have been bestowed the ability to carve out words in a better way, but first, they should have knowledge – that’s where research helps them.

So, just like expert writers, you should also conduct research first so that you know what you are going to write, and how you are going to build the arguments?



Make an Outline:

Once you are done with the research, then it’s time to organize your gathered information. Outline the arguments in a structure that follows the flow of your essay. First, write down the things you are going to talk in the introduction, then outline points to add in the climax, and finally consider the conclusion. It will make things much easier when you sit down to write the essay because you will not have to catch the scattered thoughts in mind. They will be aligned, all set to come in a flow.


Follow the Traditional Structure:

After organizing the outline, you can come to the actual thing: start writing the essay. Follow the traditional writing structure that begins with the introduction that is comprised of an opening sentence and a thesis statement that describes the purpose of the essay and draws the reader’s attention.

After introducing the topic, write down the main body of your essay. The body is usually comprised of four things: background, statistics, references to other’s work and arguments. In the end, write a conclusion paragraph that sums up your main point and intrigues a call to action.


Edit Your Work:

Remember that your first draft is never ready to present. It needs proofreading and editing: a ruthless one. Go for it! Read your draft loudly; it is a secret trick to catch your grammar and sentence structure’s mistakes. Don’t hesitate to cut down lines that seem unfit to the essay. A good essay writer should also be a good editor; only then it is possible to come up with a presentable essay.

So, this time, when you are given an essay writing assignment, you know what to do. Don’t get fearful; just take out your pen and paper because you know the right tricks to write a winning essay. Do it!


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