Whether you want to get away from it all or you want to spend time in
nature, there are plenty of exotic places to visit throughout the year. There’s
nothing more exciting than embarking on an exotic getaway.

That’s not to say that planning a vacation isn’t stressful. Even if you
packed days ahead for your trip, you may experience some stressful situations,
like sitting through airport delays and searching for a parking spot. You don’t
have to waste time trying to find parking
for LaGuardia airport
if you take a shuttle or have valet service. With
these other tips in mind, you can have the stress-free vacation of your dreams.

Use Online Boarding Passes

This is the most important travel tip you need. Paper boarding passes are so
yesterday. Online and mobile boarding passes are the future. Plus, you don’t
have to worry about losing your paper boarding pass. Most airlines allow you to
check in online and keep a digital boarding pass on your smartphone.

You may have to download an app to access this information, but most of the
time you can just save it to your phone. This will ensure you have your
boarding pass on you, and you don’t need to use Wi-Fi to access it. All you
need to do is scan your digital boarding pass. The less stuff you need to
carry, the better.

Create a Packing List

Use the Wunderlist app to create a packing list for your exotic vacation.
This app allows you to check off the items you packed and allows you to create
and save lists for your next vacation. It’s easy to add last-minute items or
cross out the ones already on your list. This is a great way to see what you
need to pack, otherwise, you’ll forget.

Remember to pack lightly. You don’t need to bring everything from home with
you. Your vacation can become stress-free by packing light. This involves
bringing a carry-on bag with you. You have plenty of shops and places to pick
up last-minute necessities. Don’t assume that you have to bring your entire
wardrobe with you.

Leave Early For Your Flight

Leave two hours before your flight. Preparing in advance will help you avoid
the long lines and limited parking spots. You may never know if you end up in
traffic, there’s a flight delay, or the TSA line is longer than usual. There’s
a rare chance that these could happen, but it’s best to stay prepared. If you
show up early, read or do some work to pass the time.

Keep Your Belongings

This is an extremely important step. There have been numerous reports about
people having their belongings lost or stolen mid-flight. Be sure to keep your
belongings on you at all times. Make sure you everything on you before you

Oftentimes, your travel insurance doesn’t provide coverage if you leave your
bags unattended. Don’t forget to keep your medicine on you. It’s best to bring
some anti-diarrhea pills, painkillers, and sleeping pills with you on your
flight. Knowing that you have everything you need will make your vacation stress-free.

Search for Travel Information

Search for travel information as you wait for your flight. While you should
be prepared for your trip, you want to know exactly you should do once you
land. Figure out the details of your hotel and where it’s located. It’s easy to
figure out which public transportation is accessible. You’ll have plenty of
time to search for these details while you wait for your flight.

Streamline Your Vacation Plans

Sometimes vacations are stressful because you make too many decisions on
your own. Use TripIt to keep all of your vacation plans in one place. It’s a
great way to stay organized. Of course, there are plenty of other travel apps
that allow you to create
an itinerary
and share them with your group. You can create your own
itinerary using Google Maps or Google Docs.

Remember to Relax

If you have everything with you, then it’s time to relax. In order to have a
stress-free exotic getaway, you need to enjoy it. Let go of the things you
can’t control and enjoy your time off. Have fun on your trip and reduce stress
levels by keeping an open mind and not worrying about the little things.

You shouldn’t
feel guilty
about going on an exotic getaway. A stress-free vacation of
your dreams is possible. All you need to do is prepare beforehand and then just
relax. This is a great time to unwind and have fun in an exotic location.



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