by Norman Lee

There are some homes you can walk in and immediately know that a lot of time and money was invested. Then there are homes that… let’s just say it doesn’t look like time, money, or effort was put into the house… just the bare minimum. There’s nothing wrong with the bare minimum if that’s your thing, but if you are someone who enjoys having nice things, the bare minimum just won’t do.


Just because you enjoy nice things, that doesn’t mean that you are stuck up or above anyone else. It just means that you know what you like. The things you once liked when you were younger slowly changed as you grew older. The type of people you dated, the food you ate, and the style of clothes you wear are all totally different now than when you were younger, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


The saying “you get what you pay for” really is a true statement. Sometimes it’s worth paying the extra bucks for something of higher quality than skimping out on quality just to pay a few dollars less. That’s a lesson many people find out the hard way, whether it be with clothing items or home decor items.


With home decor, if you want your home to have a look of class and sophistication, then you will need to invest in quality. You’ll want pieces that are sturdy enough to last, and not fall apart as soon as you hang it or put it together. To achieve a look of class and sophistication, there are certain home decor pieces you will need to incorporate into your home’s design scheme.


If a chandelier doesn’t scream class, I don’t know what will. Chandeliers are traditionally found in common rooms, but now you can find them in any room of a house. The location of the chandelier is what adds the class to a home.


There are homes now where you can find chandeliers in the bedroom and even in the bathroom. The bathroom is the last place you’d think to look for a chandelier, but once they’re installed in there, it takes the look of your bathroom to a new level. Your bathroom will no longer JUST be a place to shower and use the restroom, your bathroom is now a place where you can have the ultimate bathroom experience.

Works of Art

When you were younger, posters of your favorite boy band or Michael Jordan posters were the equivalents of art masterpieces. Those types of works of art gave every teenage boy or girls room that touch of class and sophistication, and you could almost be considered as classless if you didn’t have one of those posters to grace your wall. Again, as you matured and grew older, your taste changed.


Now you can’t walk into a luxury home without seeing at least one piece of fine artwork, whether it be a painting or a statue. Having art masterpieces in the home not only showcases the home’s wealth, but it also showcases the homeowner’s exposure to culture. It’s a rare thing to find canvas art inspired by The Chive. There’s nothing wrong with that type of canvas art, it just doesn’t fit into a luxury home.

Designer Rugs and Pillows

In classy homes, you’re not going to see rugs and pillows that you can buy in any commercial type of stores. You’re going to see pillows that tell a story, and rugs that take you on a journey around the globe. With designer rugs and pillows, they are a little more on the pricier side, but it all reverts back to the discussion earlier about quality.


Rugs of a high-quality tend to be heavier, and don’t move or easily lift like regular rugs you see in stores. Rugs that lift are big trip hazards for children and older adults, so safety is also a bonus point towards high-quality rugs as well. Pillows of higher quality don’t fit into a “one size fits all” type of box either. You get more of a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, patterns, and designs.


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