by Jeanne Lee


Are you planning to visit Indonesia soon? Ensure to include Komodo Island in your places to visit while there. While it is situated in the outskirts of Indonesia away from the admirable coastline of Bali and the hustles and bustles of the city, visiting Komodo will leave you with indelible memories of Indonesia. The Komodo National Park is a perfect reminder that so much beauty is yet to be explored in Indonesia.

Komodo is scenic complete with a picturesque environment, panoramic mountains, elegant weather, and clear blue water which makes it a sight to behold. The water is irresistible and if you love swimming, you could spend the entire day in the water.

Komodo offers the ultimate paradise of breathtaking Islands and is also home to the Komodo dragon which has been described as both mesmerizing and terrifying. If you love adventure, then Komodo Island gives you the complete package you need to enjoy your stay.

Marvel at the magnificent hills and idyllic beaches, as well as the exotic and colorful corals. The tips below should help you have a beautiful trip to Indonesia.

Have a Route Plan

You need to plan your route efficiently to ease your travel. For instance, if you are boarding an international flight you need to decide whether to access Komodo Island from Bali or Jakarta. It will take you one hour and two and a half hours respectively to connect to Komodo Airport. Backpackers and more adventurous individuals prefer taking multiple day trips via a boat from Lombok.

Consider the Best time of the Year

There is never a bad time to explore the Komodo cruise Island. However, it is necessary to understand what to expect when visiting any given time of the year. Many visitors prefer visiting between April and June when the landscape is calm and green and the sea is clear. If you are a marine wildlife fanatic, visit between September and November.

Then you are assured of spotting whale sharks, mantas, and sperm whales. July and August is usually the high season and the Island is normally crowded with visitors. If this is the only ideal time for you, you may want to make early bookings both for accommodation and tours.

The monsoon season in Komodo Island is usually between January and February. You may want to avoid visiting then due to the bad weather. What’s more, many tours do not operate then.

Choose a Reliable Tour Service

There are numerous tour service providers in the Islands of Komodo. Ensure to research their prices and the services they provide prior to your trip and always book in advance. While you can choose a tour service provider or even a boat on the spot, you may end up getting poor services for colossal amounts of money.

Pack Appropriate Clothing

Prepare for lots of trekking in order to explore Komodo Island to the fullest. Pick your clothes accordingly and remember to include cotton clothes that can absorb sweat. Choose comfortable shoes as well and include mountain sandals. A swimsuit will come in handy when you need to cool off at the beaches as you swim and enjoy the beautiful clear waters.

Sun Protection Products

Even as you enjoy your visit to Komodo Island, you do not want to burn from the sun and damage your skin. Remember the tropical climate on a tiny Island can be blazing with extremely hot sun. Pack your sun block complete with a high SPF cream. An appropriate hat to protect your face will also come in handy especially if you choose to trek in the open.


What is a Komodo cruise without a good camera? It will help you capture those picturesque and scenic moments of your trip. Include an underwater camera, telephoto lenses, and a macro lens. If you are traveling on a budget, you may want to travel as a group as it is cheaper that way.


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