Hiring an event specialist for your wedding costs a lot of money. Based on the recent research, most of today’s weddings cost about 40,000 GBP that includes 6,000 GBP on engagement rings,27,000 GBP on the ceremony and reception, 7,000 GBP for the honeymoon, and the rest money for other purposes. If you want to hold a luxury wedding, it may cost more money.

Fortunately, there are a few tips for you if you want to budget your luxury wedding. Read these following tips:

  • Use your time

During the engagement, you have time to research, look for deals, or reserve a wedding venue early. You must be strategic because there must be discounted gold or silver decorations after Christmas. Also, you can buy affordable ring bearer or flower girl outfits right once the Easter ends.

  • Date flexibility

You must select a wedding date wisely. June can be more expensive, especially if you choose Saturday. It is better to choose Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. It allows you to save you 35%, particularly if you decide to hold a wedding ceremony in November, January, or March. Also, you must keep in mind to find cheap florists, catering, and photographers.

  • Select the right venue

The venue is the most important part to hold a wedding party. You can select a venue according to your wishes, but we recommend you to choose a typical venue that already has enough decorations. For instance, you can choose art museums, heritage houses, and botanical gardens.

  • Try to think exotic

You may think of a destination wedding. This will limit the list of your guests so that you may use the rest of your money for meals, activities, and the venue.

  • Option for a brunch menu

Suppose you really wish to get a sit-down meal, then you can try a brunch menu. It may be much affordable than dinner fare. In a certain case, you still have a chance to negotiate the price of the venue away before the day since you still have time to find other venues if you want.

  • Add greenery

The simple way to cut your floral budget is to add more greenery to the wedding. Suppose you need a large-scale floral arrangement. You may consider sophisticated garlands or table runners. Myrtle, Silver dollar eucalyptus, grevillea, and leatherleaf fern can be your other popular choices.

  • Understand your flowers

You will be attracted to all of the flowers showed in the shop, but you do not have to take all of them. You only need to choose some of the flowers like cabbage rose or vintage roses. These two options look so beautiful, but they are quite affordable.

  • Follow a color scheme

Like many other amazing luxury weddings, it must have a theme or we can simply say color palette. You can choose two or three shades such as blush, champagne, white, and others. This becomes the simplest way to put so many moving parts together. Also, it is also good when photographed.

  • Do it Yourself

There are so many tips on YouTube on how to do it yourself for your wedding. You start from the wedding invitations up to formal centerpieces. You can choose a house for little gatherings and ask your friends and family members to help you. All and all, planning a wedding has to be so much fun, isn’t?

  • Book a solo singer

Hiring a wedding band can be so much expensive, so you can hire a solo musician for a cheaper price. Also, you can get some help from your friends to switch to a curated playlist which can effectively trim your expense up to 50%.

  • Find the right dress store

Suppose you want to purchase a wedding dress; you can get exclusive deals from bridal explores or sample sales. You can register for newsletters to get some updates on special deals and events. Moreover, when you are about to rent a dress, you can check it on the internet for affordable dress rent.

  • Forget the full bar

A full bar at your wedding can be so expensive, so you can just forget the full bar, but you can offer the guests some beer and wine only. You can also serve a signature drink according to the theme applied.

  • Take advantage of technology

Suppose you really want to save money for your luxurious wedding, you can use technology to save the dates. You can email your guests and give them a reminder. It will be easy for you without spending a lot of money.

  • Cake swap

If you wish a fairytale wedding cake, but it sounds expensive to afford, then you just fake it. You can hire a baker to make a real lower tier for the couples. Meanwhile, the remaining tiers may be created of Styrofoam which is covered in fondant. After the ceremony of cake cutting, just let your catering persons serve the sheet cake taken from the kitchen that has the same flavors and colors, nobody knows that you use fake cake anyway.

  • Repurpose everything

Creativity is everything you need to save money for a wedding. You can use candles, lanterns, and floral arrangements for the ceremony aisle to redecorate your centerpieces at the reception. Meanwhile, the ceremony arches are possible to get repurposed in order to decorate the sweetheart table. Also, the bridesmaid bouquets may become the tabletop flowers, and so on.

Finally, those are a few tops to budget your luxury wedding just in case you do not want to waste a lot of money, but the wedding still looks so fancy and luxurious. As long as you hire the best event specialist like Engog events everything is possible. You will have the best wedding party ever. You can also ask what kind of wedding you want. It is all about the creativity if you really want to save money. There are many other ways to save money for your luxurious wedding. But you cannot do it alone, so you need some help from other people, especially a trusted event organizer.