If you are thinking about joining the exciting world of RC car and truck off-roading racing then we have
got everything covered up for you. You must know that these RC cars and trucks are too much different
from the toys you used to play with. Some RCs can go as fast as 100mph as they run on nitro fuels.
While buying your RC vehicle we recommend that should go for a solid base one, as most of the RCs are
upgradable and you can always upgrade with your desired parts later.

The type of RC that you want depends on your choice of driving, either you are opting for a wild off-road
terrain or a pure on-road experience. Your choice of driving will decide that you want a 4 wheel drive RC
or a simpler 2 wheel drive. But whichever type you choose you will be needing a good quality RC race
track. But fret not, we will guide in a way thru which you can easily make your own RC racing track. Just
follow these simple steps and you will able to make your own racing track in no time.


The materials needed are as follows;

• Good quality clay or you can also use the topsoil layer if you are on a low budget.
• 4’’ Drainage pipe or corrugated pipe as lane dividers.
• 12’’ Galvanized spikes to hold the pipes in place.


If you are building an RC race track for yourself the ideal location will be any big sized open space near
your home. The ideal location will be in your own garden / backyard as it will be easy to access. But
while constructing the track keep in your mind to locate it at a place which is away from the windows
and house storage tanks. You can build it around trees but usually, racers remove them in order to
ensure clearer view. One more thing to keep in your mind is the drainage of your racing track. Build it in
such a way that the water can be drained off properly from the track; this can be achieved by creating a
slightly slanting track. Try to avoid unnecessary digging on your track, otherwise, it will create draining


The size of the lanes is usually determined by the size and number of RC vehicles that you have planned
to run on your RC track. Depending on the type and scale of the vehicle you are going to run we are
providing you a simple chart that will help you for deciding your width lane;
Scale/Class Surface Minimum lane width
1/10 Electric Off-road Off-Road 8 feet
1/10 Fuel Off-road Off-Road 8 feet
1/8 Electric Off-road Off-Road 10 feet
1/8 Fuel Off-road Off-Road 10 feet
We recommend you to make banked corners as they are more fun to drive around with allowing
you to carry your speed more properly in any of your favorite 10TrailTrucks.

Assemblage of your track:

Making your track is really simple after deciding the location of your track, decide the filling material.
Pack it down properly by wetting it again and again. After placing your lane dividers and fixing them at
their place using the galvanized spikes. Your track is ready and all set for racing with your favorite RC
trucks or RC cars.

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