When we think of luxury, most of us think of expensive items: massive yachts, destination holidays, or gaudy jewelry. We’ve all been taught that to live in the lap of luxury you have to be massively wealthy. But that isn’t necessarily the case. As production techniques have advanced, many of us find ourselves in a rather unique position. Here are a few tips on how to live a life of riches without spending a fortune.

We can now afford luxury every day. If you plan your finances, and think everything through properly, there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying a luxury lifestyle on a budget. All it takes is a bit of planning and forethought, and you can significantly enhance your lifestyle. We’ve put together a number of ideas to help you on your way to living the millionaire lifestyle.

Buy Used

The depreciation in value of an item between when it is brand new and second-hand is massive. Items will often shed half their value immediately, meaning that buying brand new items is a huge waste of money. But with so many of every item being produced nowadays, it’s easy to get your hands on the latest thing secondhand.


Second-hand cars are a particularly great way to save money. Second-hand dealers like the Thames Motor Group are invaluable, as they offer outstanding value for money alongside a huge variety of products. Use online comparison sites to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Invest Well

Think about each item before you buy it. Think about whether it will retain its value. Is it worth the money you’re about to spend? So many luxury items are inflated in cost by their extensive and elaborate marketing. Think about the resale value. Will you be able to get any of your money back if you ever want to upgrade your piece? If you begin to think of your luxury items as an investment portfolio, then you will begin to have a more viable and sustainable lifestyle.


This one should be common sense for everyone, but it’s very often ignored. Look around before you buy. Read up on an item and its reputation. Think about what specifications you need your product to have, and then cross-reference them all against each other. That way, when you come to make a decision on which to purchase you’ll have a simple way of helping you buy. It will also prevent emotional buying, meaning that you’re sure not to regret your purchase.

Save and Plan

Luxury items will typically cost a lot. But proper saving and planning can take the burden off of you as a buyer. If you begin to save the money you’ll be spending well in advance, then you won’t feel as though you’re biting into your everyday money when it comes to taking the plunge. This is pretty good advice in all walks of life but is particularly applicable as a result of the huge amounts of money at stake here. Be clever and responsible when it comes to making purchases like this, and remember that you’re only as rich as you feel.

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