You have realized that you need to transition to outdoor living, and you have, therefore, decided to buy the best home outdoor furniture.

You hit the home furniture store, buy items the look appealing to you, and set them up in your patio. Good news – they have transformed your patio into one of the most adorable pieces of art in your home. Congratulations!

But days later…

You start noticing some wear and tear on your pillows. The table joints start producing an annoying squawking sound, and later, it breaks, and you are forced to call a carpenter before things get out of hand.

You are forced to spend hundreds of bucks in repairs, not forgetting that you now have to prepare a budget and buy new furniture before spring. There is no value for money!

Why did this happen?

Well, you probably made the following mistakes;

You didn’t do prior research

Did you research different products and brands before going to the market? If your answer is no, then you have a clue as to why you are facing problems with your new outdoor furniture.

Make sure that you take your time and ask others who have purchased outdoor furniture in the past, and get recommendations. Also, you can make Google your best friend. Try searching for different brands, and compare them based on quality, price, aesthetics, and durability. Also, don’t forget to check third-party review sites and read what previous clients are saying about different brands and what experts recommend.

You chose cheap over pocket-friendliness

As they say, cheap is expensive. This saying is true, especially when buying outdoor and indoor furniture.

The best outdoor furniture is made with the best materials in the market. Apart from a super-strong frame, they are also made with fade resistant and UV protected fabrics. Therefore, this means that there is no way a quality piece of furniture can have a price tag that is too good to be true.

Therefore, the reason why your furniture has started showing problems this early is because you went for cheap options, which means substandard materials and shoddy workmanship during production.

The next time you go to the market looking for outdoor furniture, make sure you have a flexible budget and go for the best that you can afford.

You ignored your location

If you did not analyze the conditions in your location before proceeding to buy your outdoor furniture, then they are probably getting damaged quickly because their materials are reacting with different elements in the environment.

For example, if you live in an area where rain and humidity are in abundance, furniture with untreated metal can rust. Therefore, try as much as possible to research on the conditions in your local area, and try as much as possible to buy furniture that resists any potentially harmful elements.

You have not invested in proper protection

Regardless of how good outdoor furniture is, you will not get a long-lasting service from them if you don’t invest in adequate protection.

If you don’t want to shell our new chairs for your patio or garden every year, it is prudent to spend money upfront for their protection. You will save a lot of bucks in the long run.

Offseason covers will cost you about $30 per piece, while zipper cases that offer protection against snow, rain, and spring pollen can cost as much as $230 per set, but the protection benefits that come with them will be worth every dime.

Also, you can consider investing in a small container or building a room which will act as a dry storage unit for your cushions.  This will prevent them from attracting mildew and getting dirty.

When buying your outdoor furniture, don’t forget that it is an investment that you should treat with the seriousness it deserves. Avoid the mistakes mentioned above, and go for the best that will make your outdoor living comfortable.


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