You have researched dozens of national parks and have finally picked…the ONE!  You are beyond excited and have spent hours packing and traveling to get there.  You get there and can’t wait to start exploring, but then you realize you need to set up camp.  You get out the tent…barely figuring it out…and still you wonder if the door is really a window.  You eat your tin foil dinners that are half cooked and hit the sack longing for a good night sleep after the long day of travel.  You wake up in the morning, excited to be greeted by a breathtaking sunrise when you realize that your mattress is halfway deflated, you are wearing two layers of EVERYTHING, and you REALLY need to brush your teeth because it took too much effort the night before.  You wonder if you really got ANY sleep last night and just want to go back to bed!


Often the idea of camping turns people away after experiencing their first night sleep.  They aren’t able to enjoy their vacation they worked so hard to get to…because let’s face it…camping can be difficult, uncomfortable, and dirty.  It can be more work than it’s worth and often people come home from their vacation, needing a vacation! While luxury tent camping has been around for centuries, there is a new fad among campers now-days that helps remedy the difficulty….GLAMPING!!!


“Glamping” brings the fun back into camping and lets you REALLY enjoy what you are there to do…enjoy nature!  Glamping is camping with amenities, or bringing luxury into camping. Doesn’t that sound nice…luxury camping? Glamping makes you feel like you are staying in a high-end hotel, rather than on the ground with the dirt and bugs.  When you are glamping, you are really able to focus on enjoying yourself more and getting the most out of your vacation…and we promise, you won’t want to go back to your old way of camping!


We have found one of the hottest glamping spots in Southern Utah located close to Zion National Park called Wildflower Zion Resort.  Wildflower Zion Resort is a beautiful blend of camping and luxury. They offer four different options of glamping; a canvas tent, a covered wagon, a bungalow studio and a bungalow suite.  The canvas tent is furnished with beds, tables, chairs and rugs. The covered wagon comes complete with a king size bed, a bunk bed, a sitting area and heating/AC. The bungalow experience is complete with bathrooms, microwaves, swinging chairs and refrigerators.  The bathrooms are much nicer than your traditional camping bathrooms as well…which is a big deal! They also have fire pits and games you can use. Glamping Zion National Park is fun for the whole family or is great for a couple’s getaway.  This place bridges the gap between a man’s idea of a vacation and a women’s need for luxury.


The combination of amenities at Wildflower Zion Resort combined with the breathtaking views of Zion National Park makes this a no brainer vacation and A MUST on your “bucket list”.  Get the most out of your vacation to Glamping Zion National Park and experience GLAMPING AT IT’S BEST!  


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