While most people would look to the first results in their online search for a luxury getaway, there are many less popular locations around the world that are just as good, if not better than more mainstream destinations. These uncommon and often unusual corners of the world give travellers an insight into unique landscapes, architecture and cultures that are found nowhere else.

Here are four luxury getaways that range from pretty unusual to downright out there. Don’t worry about having to sleep in mud huts or traversing endless gravel roads. Each of them is as luxurious as it gets, with all the amenities and activities your heart desires.

The Dead Sea

While it’s really just a lake, it also happens to be unlike any other on earth. It lays lower than anywhere else and features such high salinity levels that no creatures can survive in it. Not only does this give the “sea” its name, but it also makes it renowned for its healing properties, not to mention the fact that you can float on it without even trying.

There are over a dozen resorts that surround the main area and each offer all the services you need for a luxurious and relaxing stay. Private tours are available with transport to attractions such as Masada usually included. Check out this list of Dead Sea hotels to see where you can enjoy your stay.

La Rioja

While the idyllic views and fresh breeze of Spain’s mountainous vineyards are by no means unusual, the Hotel Marqués De Riscal definitely is. Situated within Elciego, Frank Gehry’s mind blowing hotel is unlike no other. The flowing pink and silver titanium structures engulf the otherwise standard looking buildings like gigantic ribbons.

Featuring unrivaled panoramic views and world class amenities ranging from luxury pools to spas and unique Spanish cuisine, there’s no shortage of ways to blow your travel budget here.


Hidden within the Finnish Lapland lies the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, a prime destination for lovers of all things winter. The Northern-facing luxury chalets provide unbelievable views of the Northern Lights that make the destination so iconic.

The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel provides plenty of hot services and amenities to keep you relaxed and free from the elements beyond the insulated walls. Of course, if you’re not afraid of the snow, there are plenty of great winter activities to participate in as well.


Located in Brazil’s section of the sprawling Amazon rainforest lies the Ariau Amazon Towers. The upper levels of the hotel offer unrivaled views of the endless river and the flora that surrounds it. The locals have done a great job incorporating a bit of natural flair into the area as well.

Luxurious restaurants, pools and bars line the treetops, along with a lengthy walkway along the canopy. Sky-high hotel rooms with panoramic views and world class interior design are sure to satisfy anyone.


Luxury getaways are great. But spending all your time in a hotel in the middle of the city is far from luxurious. These four locations incorporate their surroundings to give you the best of both worlds, making your stay unforgettable.

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